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And, When I’m thinking

I haven’t written in a while, I think it’s rather terse

To think as often as I do, maybe it’s a curse

The beauty of the thought is not for when it stops

It is only when the thought prevails the meaning really drops

I don’t believe we were meant to be, sad or somewhat trivial

But, sometimes people make comments, comments rather vitriol

As I move along, I know that times will change

It’s not always when we want, sometimes it’s just exchange

I’m looking for the open view, a new and clear perspective

It won’t appear unless I see, the horizon as a detective

For as we look we want to see the gift of sight itself

But sight is only worth the thought which sits upon the shelf

Don’t hesitate or stop your thought for time is running out

To think what is important, is important without a doubt

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When You HAVE to Golf During a Storm

I decided to play today anyway. I’m sorta like the mail person – you know, through wind and rain or sleet or hail (or however that goes)
I put an anchor around my neck so I wouldn’t blow away.
I have my boots on.
I hit my drive on #1 and it went over the green.
I guess the wind IS pretty strong.
After driving to the #2 tee, I stepped out to tee off.
A gust of wind blew me into the pond.
So, I decided enough is enough. After all, I’m pretty determined.
Luckily, I had a snorkel next to my anchor.
I was able to find new golf balls to give to Beth, especially since they were hers.
I decided to tee off on #2 and give it a whirl.
Yes, I was slightly soaking wet but, after all, it IS worth it for golf.
So, I hit a beautiful high drive and, oops, that was a mistake.
The wind caught the ball and it landed on the #7 green.
Next, I thought, aw, heck. Might as well continue and go finish the shot on #7.
My ball had landed a foot from the pin!
I putted from one foot. The ball blew backwards, over the green, over the grass and into the sand trap. Rats.
I hit out of the sand trap, got the ball up in the air, and low and behold…
It flew over my head and into the pond behind me. That pond is a little distance from the green.
Hm. Done with that hole.
I decided I should go to #10 to tee off since it would probably land on #18 fairway. That way I would be close to home.
I made it to #10 and teed off. It looked like my plan would work until I heard the splash.
The pond on #18…Rats.
By that time, my cart light started to blink so I decided it was time to go home.
Besides, I hate to play in cold, rainy weather.

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As We Evolve

Relaxing by playing a word game, knowing the mess we are in

It is hard to know what to believe, as you watch the lies coming in

One side has made a decision, that the other side is untrue

The other side believes the same, this isn’t anything new

A large group in the middle, they only want what is best

They see lies from the deceitful, deceivers on an evil quest

We all really want freedom, and now they’ve taken this word

They who think they have power, they who are truly absurd

When taught to love thy neighbor, it is now taught as hate

The propaganda fed to them, makes this an easy slate

Logic has gone out the window, it seems no one checks the facts

What is happening in other countries, this country media lacks

For me I can only uncover, the love I have in my heart

For those who have been deceived, the truth just not in their cart

As the world endures major change, it is so obvious to me

We, the people, forever changed, that is our destiny

Surviving through the conflict, the world will then be at peace

Love thy neighbor the mantra, so chaos will simply cease

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When Love is a Kiss

Sometimes I don’t exist, I feel it in the air
It doesn’t really matter, for ghosting is a snare
It pulls you in so tightly, you begin to lose your breath
I don’t need any of that, I’ll just skip the death

I love to hear the birds sing, their song a pure delight
As I walk along the path, they keep out of my sight
I know the birds are there, their sensual songs abound
The walk becomes a treasure trove, as I listen to the sound

Beyond my mere existence, the beauty of the earth
The earth, which is a mother, gave to us from birth
Again, I see the beauty, it exists in all of us
Just don’t go ghosting me, that pushes me to cuss

All I want is presence, as a loving sort you know
Writing stories as poetry, each day a blessing just so
Share the love with all my friends, is only doing right
They will see me wholly, they keep me in their sight

Love is greater than all things, the things we see each day
Things are only possessions, possessions on which we prey
When we love, it opens the heart, to a wonderful feeling of bliss
Feel your love, open your heart, may love be your permanent kiss

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Wonder in My Heart

I think about you every day, wondering what is next
It seems your life is out of balance, jumbled in context

I wonder, I wish, the clock could move back, to a time long ago
When you were healthy and full of life, so this is what I know

I remember when I helped you, we created an excel chart
You needed the page for your thesis, your educational work of art

Back and forth through email, until it was perfectly done
That, dear sister, was total success, for me, it was such fun

I wanted to help you in so many ways, so gave you my old iPhone
Your phone had stopped working, you needed to be in the zone

When it was time for you to move, we drove a little each day
We traveled across many a mile, visiting family along the way

What I remember most of all, when I was a little girl
I seemed to struggle with all of life, and you became the pearl

The pearl to which I refer, was simply because of an action
My day for me hadn’t worked out, my feelings quite the reaction

You had just returned from college, bringing a special gift
It was a cute red nightshirt, my spirit it would uplift

As insignificant as I felt, the gift was huge for me
For once I felt really special, my heart had changed to glee

And now if I only could, the favor I would exchange
For my dear sister to be healed, I wish I could arrange

Life can be what we want, sometimes it’s not our choice
The only thing we can do is use the heart as voice

I love my sister, this is hard for me, I want her healed soon
It won’t necessarily be what I want, for life plays a unique tune

The saving grace is all that I have, to remember what good has passed
My heart will hold all of this, memories to recall when asked

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The Sound Within

I just felt it
It moved through me
It changed the way I think
Then, It changed the way I listened

I hear you
I hear you clearly
What is hard to detect
Is that you don’t know what you are saying

It brings to mind
That we really need to feel
We need to feel from the heart
You know, heart energy…here I go again

The heart
Yes, the heart
The feel in your stomach is from the heart
Your heart is the answer so just listen

And, listen
Listen to your heart
Listen to your thoughts
Put it together into one and know

You will learn
You will learn from within
You think you know it all
But, you don’t, you only know if you listen

Listen to your heart…

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A New In One

I knew the time had come for me, time to make a note

The events that were unfolding, were sugar for my coat

As we settled into our chairs, the talk was to discuss

The events of golf, play of the day, the events always the plus

Playing the front was a delight, a delight for me anyway

My score was holding even par, so the story does say

The first event was number three, a birdie came from the putt

But the next hole was the big one, the one that was so clear-cut

Lori and Deb W had hit their balls, and as they waited for me

I drove up and jumped from my cart, checking my clubs to see

To see which club I should use, hybrid six or seven, you see

The six I chose and it was right, leading to explosive glee

I went with six because of wind, then focused on my swing

The ball sailed off toward the green, the view it soon would bring

To my amazement and everyone else, the ball bounced onto the green

It slowly rolled toward the pin, but was too far to be seen

The mower guy was watching our shots, he watched and gave a cheer

The ball had rolled into the cup, from sight it did disappear

Then the sound came screeching out, a scream for all to hear

For me to signal Hole-in-One, my scream was truly sincere

Back in the clubhouse we gathered around, Wendy said a poem we need

It documents the events of that day, an eventful gift indeed

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When the Gift is a Person

Gifts come to us in many ways, sometimes wrapped in little packages
Sometimes not wrapped at all
But, a gift is always special because it is given
Often, it requires thought or purpose
Sometimes a gift is simply how we see or who we see  
And, birthdays always remind us of the gift of someone’s life

We had a gift at golf yesterday, it was quite special indeed

The conversation included a player, one we shall call a star seed

She has wonderful characteristics, not just a few you see

We all appreciate her presence when watching her on the tee

Funny how we referred to her as we tried to play our game

For she was in a different group but part of ours, just the same

We used her play as reference, hoping to improve our own

Her play is a wonderful feature, like a movie and really well-known

She plays like a delicate creature, great strength when hitting the ball

It’s fun to watch her drive, as her drive is the longest of all

But it is not just on the course, that the lady makes an impression

She gives so much to everyone, we are all blessed, no question

In the end the birthday gift for us was not what we might say

It seems the gift came to us, the gift was her birthday.

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The In One

Annette had just hit her ball, Caroline was next

We worked our way up number twelve, it follows in this text

We reached the top, we’re on the green, the green is quite the shelve

That’s when we heard the burst of sound, we, on top of twelve

The sound was coming to us, it came from thirteen green

The group that was ahead of us, was making a noise scene

We finished twelve and moved ahead, to thirteen a par three

What we observed on thirteen green, was what we like to see

Marlene had hit her five wood, the ball up in the air

It landed on the green rolling to the pin, I swear

Then Jackie, Deb and Wendy had given a great shout

They were simply cheering, for the shot that had rung out

For Marlene had hit the shot, the shot of great achieve

The shot she hit took the path into the cup, I believe

We saw Marlene walking toward the pin without her putter

She picked her ball up from the cup, not a word did she utter

And, suddenly, we heard the sound, the sound of joy we knew

Because it came so suddenly, we thought, “Can it be true?”

For when we first began to play, we all heard Lori say

“We haven’t had a hole in one, not for many a day.”

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She is the Sleuth

I feel the fire moving, it moves within my heart
The fire has such character, it moves to every part
Do not listen to what they say, it may not be the truth
Did they listen when she spoke, the words a blasting sleuth

This sleuth is here, she moves about, she looks for every sign
She reads, she studies, she works it in, it is all by design
Her program works, it always has, she follows all the clues
Her investigation, a thorough job, she really pays her dues

Investigation is never near, it comes without a veil
The research is severely slow, I think as if a snail
And, when she speaks, her words are true, this cannot be denied
If you can’t hear, your ears are closed, you haven’t really tried

I know the truth, I speak of it, I’ve written all details
So you can listen or read yourself, I’ll create it in the tales
There’s a missing part you must decipher, the meaning as it shines
For in this case, to be discovered, you must read between the lines

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When You Meet Lucky

Some people come into the world and make it better.
They make it better for everyone they meet.
That person for so many of us is Mr. “Lucky” Lowman.

When I met Lucky I felt it
I felt it in my heart

So, it is time for me to talk
To talk about his chart

His chart is quite the history
The history to be told

For if you view his life
His life the unique mold

I really don’t know how
Know how it came to be

He signed up for the fight
The fight of our country

In World War II he flew his plane
His plane a fighter true

Korea was next to test his skills
His skills they were true blue

The last he fought, Vietnam it was
Vietnam it was the end

So, home he came to live his life
His life which we commend

He used skill as a golf pro
A golf pro we admire

It is easy to see the results
The results to which we aspire

For not only were his golfing skills
Golfing skills we all respect

He shared his skills by teaching us
Teaching us golf aspect

It is not always easy to see
To see what will transpire

The wonderful man who we love
We love with total fire

The fire is for love of life
Of life we so shortly live

So remember that life is full for us
For us we continue give

Lucky has given so much to us
To us he will always be

The man we love to never forget
Never forget his history

His history of life is only one song
One song we sing to the end

For we are a community of love
Love that will forever transcend

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More on Eagles

Eagles fly above the earth, their freedom so intense

I feel their flight in my heart, giving me clear sense

I sense the wonder and make a wish, the wish a gift for me

That I could be above the earth, the flight of being free

The wings of love surround that bird, above the earth so high

The delicate nature of a bird so large, allied to the sky

As time has moved beyond my thought, a calculated day

The eagle sores above, beyond, not to linger or to stay

Survival is and does exist, for the eagle it is key

The beauty of this wonderous bird is like the ocean sea

The ocean and the eagle bird, big, bold and moving on

The strength that is between the two, as beauty is in the song

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Speaking of the Frig

And then, there is the refrigerator, my rather large ice chest 

The food and drink are kept inside, they think they are at rest 

When the door is opened, the light will shine about 

It seems the light is shining, and the food begins to shout 

“It’s time to eat, you silly girl.” I hear the big frig say 

“Pick from the store, your treasure trove.” The food that’s on display 

From the garden the veggies arrived, the frig their cooling home

For each significant vegetable, represents a true gnome 

At last, I stop and feel so blessed, the garden a wonder, the store 

The store is a product of one man’s love, his hobby that I adore 

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The Awe of Lady Jacqueline

You, Awe Lady Jacqueline, are something to be seen 

You sit and talk and type, the end is not foreseen 

So, as I sit and wait for you, I know not what will be 

I only know that when you’re through, bliss is what I’ll see

For listening to the sound you type, is music to my ears 

I love to think that we connect, the words on paper hears 

And, when we’re through, we just sit back, the poem the written word 

For you have finished the lesson then, and I, as told, am heard 

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When Looking for Truth

The story moves in and then it’s out, it’s not what we would think
As I thought about what I’d heard, it really began to stink
They write, they talk, they speak in lies, for us they do not care
For as they divide, they conquer all and here we sit and stare

Wake up, people, look inside, you really must hear your voice
Your trust has been so misplaced, it is time to make a choice
Sometimes we think that we must stay within the traditional binds
The structures that were set in place, a link to that which blinds

We are not stupid, you want to shout, so lead us not astray
For just this once in your life, do what is right I say
Obey the laws that matter to all, the laws of nature are true
Be good, be fair, be honest as well, for you just haven’t a clue

The clue that matters the most, you see, is a matter of the heart
For if you do not listen within, your brain will never be smart
You have it inside, it is there all the time, just close your eyes to see
Try to regain the person within, the person you really must be

That means that you may have to stand against what you thought you knew
You just need to trust your heart’s inner core, the heart is never untrue
Stop believing the script that creates the fear, develop strength you can stand behind
It is time to listen and follow your heart, to create a new life in kind

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Speaking of Wine

As I begin to write this, I truly understand
That kindness is a gift to self, a gift of sweet demand
For when you give to someone else, it comes back to your heart
The feeling strong within a song from you it does not part
And once I gave a gift of wine, I thought the gift unique
I forgot that the receiver was a connoisseur, a wine geek
It should not have mattered for if I could not tell
The person who received the gift was just an awkward quell
For he did not know that I had tried so to impress
It mattered not to him, he could not have cared less
The gift to him was just a thing, his finances were so great
It did not make a difference, for proud had been my state
I tried to make an impression, for that I realize now
Impressions do not the person make, I learned this, oh and how
I learned that to give a gift can only be an act
The act of giving kindness, for sure it is a fact
When your heart is right you know, the gift it may be tough
Remember it’s the thought that counts, and that will be enough

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When I Miss Her

I’m working on a memory, for me it rings so true
The constant thought I’m thinking, and then I feel so blue
She was a solid corner in my world it seems to be
And even though she’s disappeared, I can feel her next to me

For as I said my thoughts ring true, a mind cannot escape
A mind that works continually, it has no constant shape
The mind is second to the heart, for that is when we know
We know the heart is beating because we feel it as we go

So that, dear friends, is all we know when we agreed to be
A stronger feeling within the song, the beating continually
We know we live because we hear the song our heart does beat
The beating heart connects to all, to everyone we meet

Don’t dismay when one is gone, it’s something we cannot see
Just as the heart connects to all, remember it’s like the tree
The roots go here and over there, a connection to the earth
It’s where we are from, to where we go, as we have known from birth

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And When My Heart Breaks

I write because my heart does break
I write because I laugh
I write as rain begins to pour
But that is only half

So as I write I hear the voice
To me its sound so sweet
The voice I hear continues on
Celebrating as complete

For when you know it is not sure
You only say what is
For everything is incomplete
When it is not your biz

The thought that maybe you would hear
The sound disrupting song
The song is intertwined with life
Much like where you belong

As we move, our hearts do beat
It’s clear from what we hear
The song is pushing into us
What is or isn’t near

Once again we move ourselves
With this each passing day
We only know what we can know
And, then for us to say

I need a change, I want a new
As this life is not to be
You think you know what isn’t there
Did you stop to hear the tree?

Yes, a tree, the fool knows not
For life is all around
The music beats within the soul
The meaning becomes the sound

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Sometimes You Laugh

I flitted around the room one day, then decided to make a call

The call I made to someone, that someone is quite the doll

As we began to speak our minds, I noticed we started to giggle

The less we spoke, the more we laughed, soon I began to jiggle

I jiggled because I laughed so hard about what was never said

The more we laughed, the funnier it was, the laughter stuck in my head

The laugh died down but not for long as we burst out laughing again

I decided it was time to stop the call as the laughing would never end

Before I knew it the phone did ring, the person calling was new

We spoke a little and soon it began, the laughing began to spew

I thought to myself, “How can this be?” for soon goodbye was said

The only thing that could be heard to me was the laughter in my head

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When Dreams are a Gift

I had a dream a few nights ago, it was vivid and clear to me

In my dream I walked my dogs, on a path and by a tree

When suddenly above my head a shadow did appear

I looked up to see what was frightening me to calm my inner fear

I saw a bird so very large, it was incredibly beautiful, you see

As it flew, I knew it was true, the bird, an eagle from history

First he swooped around my group, then he decided to land

That’s when the eagle looked at me, I noticed the problem at hand

Around its leg a string had wrapped with a kite dragging behind

That’s when I knew he needed my help so he was no longer confined

I tried to figure out how I could unwrap from his leg that string

Just as I tried to help the bird, I awoke with an energetic zing

I knew that a dream can be a vision, a vision of something ahead

But the question was what I had to do to prepare for the walk instead

I needed something that I could use to cut the string from the leg

That beautiful eagle had to be free I felt the bird did beg

I cannot help but relate it to how in this world where we all live

That freedom is key, remarkably, something we cannot give

Freedom comes from within our souls, it is a gift with which we are born

The eagle represents freedom to us, this eagle to me did warn

Go back to sleep, look deep in your heart, find a way to even the score

Figure it out how to cut the string, so once again I, the eagle, can soar

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As the Earth Evolves

The twisted mind is untwisting

It moves about to find clarity in its existence

The light that is shining is opening the mind, helping in every way

We are destined to find the light and clarity

As we move towards ascension, the earth will change

It is changing already, but the change is different

It is not about political control or immigration or perceived unjust issues

The evolution of the planet is happening and you are invited

You can experience the newness of evolution and change

It is not what you think UNLESS you look deep within and feel the change

You must use your heart, you must allow your heart with its intense intuition

The intuition of the open heart, hearts that are so powerful

Hearts that create change, positive enduring change

Its not what you think, it will be what you feel

Close your eyes, open your heart and feel

Feel the change, the ascension is emerging

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And When You’re Too…Hm

It seemed to be a flashing, off the distance is the light

I didn’t know about it until it was brought into my sight

So, before I started thinking it was something that needed care

I just kept seeing all the people, the people who seemed to stare

What was it they were doing in the middle of the day?

Why wouldn’t they take a minute and come to me to say?

Finally I discovered, my person was the distract

Following me was a problem, for which the golfers lacked

They lacked the ability to see, it seemed to be too bright

They couldn’t see the fairway, because of great white light

Because the sun was shining on this beautiful warm spring day

The comfort of my clothes was simply for golf play

Carefully I dressed myself in short pants and a shirt

Not realizing my effect, an effect that might just hurt

The effect it caused was from my legs, my legs were really white

My legs were hidden from the sun through all the winter spite

And as the sun hit my legs, the color, the brilliance, it beamed

A beam of light shown everywhere, as bright as the sun it seemed

The reflection of the sun on white, the brilliance was just too bold

All the golfers following me were blinded I am told

Not one could see the fairway nor hit the solid green

Finally someone said to me, please cover your legs, Eileen

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The Resort of Retort

As I write this, I notice that I’m feeling sad and excited at the same time. Is that even possible? I am sad for the things that I lost last year while I am excited for the beginnings that a new year will bring. Last year was tough, and I believe that the new year will bring us more challenges. Hopefully, it will help us to develop in ways that we didn’t know possible. With that said, I turn to my favorite pastime.

I write for fun but as I sit
It occurs to me, I’m drawn to wit

The pen is dull and cannot write
Worse is the brain so out of site

I hear it calling, golf has a sound
The club head clicking, the ball hits the ground

But, then comes the real spirit of sport
When a shot is missed, it’s the sound of retort

The words are gems, they come in all sizes
They really don’t help, especially with prizes

So we decided to keep a bag with money
From all the retorts that aren’t pure honey

We build the bag each week we play
It is easy to fill, the bag on display

It helps us to work through the game we love
A few words here and not from above

I prefer those retorts as they are seldom and few
Much better than throwing a club on cue

It is a good thing, this pot of bills
Helping build parties, defusing the wills

So I hit the tee shot, it bounced on the path
That darn ball it landed to create my wrath

It bounced and planted itself in the tree
I’m sure the ball was laughing at me

And, yes, I said it, my heart did instill
The words that you say when a shot is nil

So, here’s to the ladies who play the game
All of us contribute, one and the same

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The Oak Tree on 3

The oak tree has fallen, crashed to the ground

The space it had taken, the green it’s surround

The beauty is gone, and the challenge is too

The tree required planning for those playing through

Not only does it change the spot that we knew

It is the absence of challenge we know to be true

We hope a replacement will indeed take its place

So we can continue playing that hole with grace

Maybe graceful is better so much as we

Make a tribute from us to hole number three

In the end, the beautiful tree has died and, for me, I cried

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As the Light Shines In

What, my love, would love do? I can hear it in her voice

The answer is so easy, as there is no other choice

What am I being asked to do? When each new day begins

The sunlight glows so brightly, as if we have no sins

The opportunity to ride the wave, the wave of light I’m sure

It may be a new beginning, this working towards a pure

The pure version of ourselves, a version we really need

Cleanse the air, open our eyes, take time to plant the seed

The seed will grow to our delight, it needs our help as well

This time we are heading for the new, and it’s going to ring our bell

Listen up, dear friends and listen foe, for you need to be aware

The time has come for a new to replace, the old so full of despair

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A Beautiful Life

Death has no meaning, without it I’m leaning
Towards a view of a beautiful life
I know not what’s yonder, and will constantly ponder
The view of the beautiful life

So let’s have it all, before the great fall
The beautiful life as it exists
Each day is a blessing, as we are expressing
Our beautiful view which resists

It resists the need, to be negative indeed
We continue on our merry way
Look deep inside, for instinct will ride
Guiding us through our heyday

Yes, heyday, you might say, the reality is day
Again we choose beautiful life
We continue to shop, look not to stop
The gift of the beautiful life

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As Time Passes

Sitting here listening to songs of the old
The 60s Folk Radio is just solid gold
My brain churns with memory, the memory so fresh
My heart soon joins the intertwined mesh

Funny the feelings I get from a song
The feelings are strong, I must sing along
Melancholy overcomes me as I think back in time
The things that have changed are not the sublime

Sublime is beauty and runs very deep
The things of this country, I want to keep
The pain of change can really be sad
Take time to remember, it may not be bad

When a rose is a bud, it looks stoic and small
The petals soon open, attractive and tall
The bud is a blossom, for the better I see
It would only be better as part of a tree

Remember the rose will rise again
The bush may be hidden inside of a glen
For when it does, the beauty so deep
The stunning vision will keep me from sleep

The Antelope watches from his perch on the plain
He has no limits as he roams his terrain
His freedom not calculated for he’s free to roam
After all and to all, this is his home

No one tells him what he should drink
How he should talk or what to think
He is free, as free as they come
For the rest of us, well, it is probably done

So, watch for the rose as it blooms for real
See the beauty of the rose with all its appeal
The sunrise approaches, I hope it is red
The sunset will happen, no matter what’s said

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When Freedom Strikes Back

They don’t see your cheating heart
How can they see it, it’s in the dark

It’s a widespread robbery, a shocking amount
It’s taken our freedom, what you say doesn’t count

When we have cheaters, it starts with money
If you think I’m wrong, read on it’s not funny

There once was a time when greed was not first
But, greed it did grow, causing the worst

To question the matter, is all that I ask
You need to look deep inside for the task

It makes no difference which political side
The difference comes with no value of pride

I see the movement we didn’t create
Our wayward politicians, they all took the bait

The greed that comes when they have control
It takes our freedom, do what you are told!

Please understand the deeper implication
We are pawns in a scheme of indignation

Tell the media what they should say
The public will believe it, there is no other way

In the past propaganda was something quite bad
And, here we are, propaganda we’ve had

It scares me to think there is no way out
Control is the issue without a doubt

I pray for my children, family, a friend
They think they have freedom, will it soon end?

When told what to think, what to say, what to do
Your freedom has been taken away from you

A government once for a people so strong
Has taken a dive into a pit filled with wrong

It will be better and we shall see
The correction that’s coming, when we will be free

Stay hopeful, happy and look to your heart
Your heart is secure, trust it from the start

Your heart will tell you what you already knew
It’s the only way to know what is really true

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The Sad of My Heart

It seems to me that I’m quite sad, it may not even show

I talk a lot to everyone, some people I hardly know

The void that comes with losing, a person or even a dog

The feeling can be excruciating, my view sees only a fog

For loving comes in many ways, a hug, a thought, a gift

To this I speak as if I know, maybe it will help uplift

The only part that satisfies, the absence in my heart

Are the memories that I take, from which I will not part

I see the face, I touch the skin, I know it will no longer be

For the very person, the one I love, has gone away from me

Her picture a clear reminder, of the love that people share

She knows that I will never stop, loving her with such care

The spot in my heart, will always remain, as time continues on

The spot she laid her anchor, a spot for one last song

“How Great Thou Art” I heard us sing, we stood right by her side

The beginning, the end, we knew it would come, we met it with great pride

The pride was for a life well lived, a life she truly had

The good far greater than my pain, for me, I’m no longer sad

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It Is Only Temporary

I have a really hard time.

I have a hard time listening to people talk so horribly about other people. It doesn’t matter the political party. It matters how WE treat other people. I believe that when we speak badly of other people we lose sight of who WE are. I was taught to look at how I can make a difference. I’m not so sure that I can make a difference if I am constantly criticizing other people. Norman Vincent Peale made such an impression on me. He always spoke about the power of positive thinking. I really believe that that power exists inside of us and that we must always take the high road. We need to work on ourselves first. We need to look at ourselves ONLY. It doesn’t matter what other people say or do. It matters how we react and how we think and, then, what we do. We have more of an impact if we provide positive ideas and positive attitudes. Yes, I’m sure I sound idealistic but I believe it. I remember teaching a first year volleyball team. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. They did everything I asked them to do because they never knew they couldn’t do it. They JUST did it. It was amazing. It was the best experience. It really taught me that if you believe in the good, it will happen. So, I believe it is time to stop looking at the bad and think about how we can implement the good. WE. Yes, it is time we stepped up to the plate.

I remember now why I loved to learn

It mattered not where I was

I remember now that the result was good

It mattered only because

I can believe I grew to be

A person of quiet type

I type and say the words so clear

For you to take the insight

So, now I am asking for you to look

Beyond the site of the view

For when you see what is really there

It will not be all so new

For you can make a difference today

If you try and see for a distance

You will never know what you can do

Until you fight the resistance

Be a good person, she said with a smile

You know it is in your blood

Take the time to be who you are

And, all will be understood

Then – I thank you.

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Hope is the Vision

The butterfly flitted as it went on past

Its intent to connect with the plant was cast

It didn’t seem to matter what I did to distract

The butterfly knew it would not react

Then, came the sparrow and it, too, went on

Listening I could hear the bird singing a song

The words were distinct but I could no longer hear

The bird had just drifted too far from my ear

The next thing arrived, it was a snake in the grass

It slithered along, its silence, the pass

The snake made a hiss as forward it went

It moved so slowly, with focused intent

All the creatures were reminders of times from the past

When life was a breeze without a gray cast

And, now, the great vision is too hard to see

What will happen today or what the future will be

What has happened in the now is hard to believe

The locking of time, what it feels like to grieve

We’re not always aware of what we have from a look

The limited view, the cover of a book

The contents of the book are discovered through reading

The author is asking us, sometimes a pleading

Read my story, please read it, from beginning to end

Let the story unfold so you can pretend

Pretend to know what the ending might be

The ending a wonder, what you cannot know or see

It might be a surprise that ends quite happy

It might be a sadness that ends a bit sappy

If written so we can reflect on our lives

The reflection will mirror, becoming archives

Moving through time, we learn to belong

We find salvation in a bird’s song

Do not lose hope, the bird did sing

Hope is the future and what it will bring

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The Stare

You keep staring at me

I can’t figure out what you see

I work on my computer or read my email

And, I feel it

You are staring!

So, how does your mind work?

Every so often, I see a glimpse of the how

When you run into the room, you want attention

You get in my face

You push, you move, you keep getting in my face

I know you are smarter than most

In fact, I know you are a fast learner

Very, very sharp

How did I get so lucky as to find you?

Hm. I think you found me.

Ok. You found us.

Stay for a very long time and continue to be my companion

Take me for walks, stare at me with those big amazing eyes

I guess I don’t care that you stare

Because I like the attention

I feel it.

I feel your devoted attention

Stay for as long as you can

And, keep me company

Take me for walks

And, let me throw the rope

Bound into my bedroom in the morning

Begging to play

You are a special dog

A special dog who I wholeheartedly love

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In Times of Trouble

It takes a little time, but it never gets old

Looking, I see the world as it starts to unfold

We don’t know the outcome, I’m not sure we dare

We get through the day, this is what we share

It is scary and not, I think with my heart

It seems we will welcome a new life and start

Life changes so quickly and we cannot flee

Adjusting our priorities, soon this you will see

I’m feeling the peace from a source of pure love

I believe it comes from the heavens above

It is not superficial, it depends on your thought

Be careful what you think as it can cause you to rot

Look at your neighbor, you spouse, your loved ones, your friend

See the good in them always, everyday without end

Trust that the source will bring forward good things

Things like summer, and flowers, and the bird that sings

I doubt we will know what has happened throughout

It is more than we bargained for, this is no doubt

I still believe that from this, good will come

Heavenly bodies surround us, protecting us as one

Some leave us here, for it is time that they go

But, believe that we remember what it takes to live so

Use your trust, your hope and your faith that is strong

For our collective heart to which we all belong

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A Little Kindness

The kindness of a willing heart is sometimes just profound

When we encounter someone’s heart, it makes a certain sound

As the sound comes rushing in, to our ear’s delight

What we hear builds feeling within, sometimes as inner sight

Meander along, oh heart of mind, and fix your troubled soul

Look for kindness everywhere, removing the blocks that stole

They steal the bliss if we let them, only we can let it go

So, onward into happiness, let kindness willingly flow

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Elvis Old Bull

I’m writing to you, Elvis, as I know not where you are

It seems your time expired and I can only see so far

You were among the greatest, the best I’d ever seen

Not that I’m a critic, it is just what I really mean

I mean I felt so lucky that I was able to see you play

It was during the high school journey, back in your heyday

As a teacher and coach, it was fun to see it all

I saw your skill as a player, I watched you handle the ball

Somehow your memory won’t leave me, I think of you often, you see

Of all the players I coached, you were not on a team with me

I worked with many great players, I’m fortune for my career

It’s just that you were a legend, in a time when people would cheer

They cheered your amazing talent, a star in the sky shining bright

A star whose light stopped blinking, on a somber and fateful night

Sometimes when I look into the sky, a brilliant star blinks there

I hope it’s you playing basketball, for all of us who care

The Legend of Elvis Old Bull

The Great Falls Tribune

Jay Daniels: A tribute to Crow basketball legend Elvis D. Old Bull

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As Friends Do

You are my friend

To the bitter end

I knew what I said was true

Your heart filled with fun

Enjoying the sun

This certainly was the first clue

As life leads us down

A path with no crown

We think we know what to do

Other times we are lost

Sometimes it does cost

So, we look for a sky of blue

We hope and dream

That things will seem

To be just as before

We cannot predict

Or mark with a stick

As we know not what is in store

We spend time together

As birds of a feather

We continue to look for more

And then in the end

We can comprehend

That good will even the score

So keep your heart beating

The feeling often fleeting

Keep love the look on your face

The face will shine

And we will be fine

Knowing we’ve had a good race

We have each other’s back

For the things that we lack

We keep it as part of our space

We continue on

Knowing we belong

To each other in our perfect place

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The Sly of the Wolf

I tiptoe quietly through the forest, and no one sees me go

I’m cunning like a fox but I’m bigger and stronger, you know?

My beauty is not just skin deep as I walk with swagger and pride

Do not compare me to some little dog, a dog couldn’t match my stride

Notice my eyes, they have that look, something that is rarely seen

I calculate movements to ensure survival, my instincts sharp and keen

So, watch your back if you’re in the forest, and no one sees you go

I’ll be there watching, sneaking around, and you won’t even know

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The Buffalo

There were 16 million and then they shot them dead

When there were only 400, not much more could be said

But, finally people got a clue, realizing with great dread

Before the next gun was fired, they soon would all be dead

As we speak in living, our words become thoughts instead

It’s not that we had reason, it existed within our head

Of that from which I speak, the truth seems to have fled

Our ability is to see the light, when we are in dark instead

When we uproot the living, the consequences are read

Saving lives is not so simple, as every life can be bled

To change thoughts and opinion, that change must be fed

The food comes from knowledge, knowledge to which we must wed

The light is looking brighter, from the dark we want to shed

Opening our thoughts to knowledge, knowledge as food, our bread

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The Water Flows


Or, flow

I see the water with the snow


Or, divine

I feel inspiration shine


Or, sound

The feelings always astound


Or, love

The heart opens from above


Or, flow

Movement on the go


Or, divine

I take it as a sign


Or, sound

Sometimes both are profound


Or, love

Much like a spiritual dove

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Just For Today

I’m trying to be more creative, which isn’t always so easy

When I think I’m moving along, and being really quite breezy

The earth comes to an immediate halt, the TV is blaring its noise

I cannot think my thoughts, thoughts turn away from my poise

I watch the traffic as it passes, the cars move by in a stream

Sometimes they move too quickly, I feel as if I could scream

But, then I see my puppies, wagging and looking so sweet

I know in a very short minute, the happiness with which they greet

For nothing is quite as rewarding, as a dog to follow you around

They are wonderful little creatures, sometimes making not a sound

And, as my life moves forward, I’m sure of how it will be

For nothing can remove my happiness, protected in my heart by me

Is there anything else in this world for us to really share?

A path created by love and happiness, the way is always to care

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The King

There once was a King, on a throne he did sing

A throne he did not know existed

When he discovered his role, he decided to go

So, things became rather twisted

It’s not that he knew, his fate to be true

For a shrew had him over a barrel

He knew she was a witch, an ordinary snitch

And, that put him in great peril

His thoughts suddenly cast, a link to the past

He knew it would result in a fix

The shrew would melt away, and he could just say

I’m the ruler with a great many tricks.

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The Meaning of Slant

She said, “Your head is crooked.”

“Yes, I know. But, one eye is lower than the other.

Well, the Hutterite doctor took his thumb and pushed into my mouth to try to straighten my eyes.

It didn’t work…

So, now I’m 90, well, I will be next month.

I think my view is slanted.”

She said, “Do you really think your view is slanted? I think it is just that you have a great sense of humor.”

“Oh, no. I know my view is slanted. Take, for instance, the money I get. I’m pretty sure it is burning a hole in my pocket.

So, I need to spend it, I think.

And, I might go to college next semester.”

She said, “Really? What are you going to study?”

“I might study geology but I’m not sure. I’m a pretty good artist, too. Maybe I will take an art class.

Because my view is slanted, I could put a good slant on a picture.”

She said, “You have a unique view of life. I think you are right. Your point of view is a very good slant.”

“Well, I think I’m going to continue with my point of view. I’m going to continue to use my sense of humor to help people smile. I’m going to take a college class and learn something new. And, I’m going to continue to slant. You know, one eye is lower than the other. It gives me a unique look and a very unique look on life.”

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Happy Birthday, Hubby

I wonder if you know who you really are

You are quite complex, you know

There is nothing simple about you

Not your walk or your talk or even your sense of humor

I’ve never met anyone quite like you

You portray the grizzly bear but underneath is the teddy bear

I never tire of listening to you when you are inflamed by a topic

It feeds your deep desire to know

So, you search and read and learn and continue to search

You are quite complex, you know

I will always be grateful that I met you

And, had this wonderful opportunity to share your life

We have done so many wonderful things together

Traveling here and there

We have experienced the good and the bad

We seem to survive with a better understanding of what is important

It can be quite complex, you know

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to be married to you

But, I don’t think marriage should be easy

It should be an intense learning experience, and it has been

I couldn’t have married anyone other than you, you and I both know that

You touched my inner soul

And, that is quite complex, you know

My love for you is so very deep and so

I hope this birthday is special, as special and complex as you are

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The Head or the Heart

“The winner takes all.” she said. So, I listened with my head

“You must use the positive start.” So, I listened with my heart.

That’s all I needed to know, for the heart to win just so

The heart is the source of feeling, emotion from it revealing

If your heart is always used, it will lead you from being confused

When dealing with human life, free from worry, free from strife

It is the path that will work out, from this there is no doubt

It takes patience to learn, and is not something of concern

When thinking with your head, remember, it is the ego instead

It is certainly an art, that of thinking with the heart

The next time you need to know, close your eyes to think quite slow

The answer will come to you, as if quite out of the blue

Your heart will always deliver, and you will be a true believer

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The Poisoned Mind

I wander along the path as it never ends

I find that people do not want to make amends

They would rather be biting and hateful and such

It doesn’t really matter who they hurt so much

They tell lies and stories to meet their needs

Their stories loaded with ideas to create disease

As they poison the minds of those that are near

No one checks the story or they would find fear

That someone could manipulate and so easily sway

Not one person will stop it or stand in the way

So, I wander the path as it never ends

Knowing that I will find gracious peace with my friends

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The Hummingbird

Today is not the same as it was yesterday. Hm. Well, that isn’t anything new. I was watching the birds in the yard. Ok, I think they were talking to me. But, mostly, they were just being birds and, oh, I forgot to tell you that they are hummingbirds. Yes, they buzz around and are good for the pomegranates. I just love pomegranates. And, I really love hummingbirds.

Once, while sitting, I knew what I saw

A tiny hummingbird without any flaw

It changed direction and flew by my ear

I wanted to touch it and hold it near

Looking at the bird, I saw the shimmer

Its sparkling feathers were all about glimmer

As it moved, it hummed from which came its name

What a unique descriptor giving it fame

I’m delighted to say that we have not just one

Each morning I watch them as I sit in the sun

They hum and move and create such delight

I want them to stay close, within my sight

I want them to hum so my heart takes a jump

Then, one flies by me, the tiniest little chump

I hear it, I see it, I wish I could touch

I just really love the hummingbird so very much

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The Songwriter, She Said

There once was a chance to write a song

It was an easy decision, it didn’t take long

She didn’t know how so she pretended to write

It was easy for her because she knew how to type

Away went her fingers as her brain worked hard

Thinking her song would belong on a star card

The song was written and promised to be good

So, she looked around to see where she stood

She started to ask people who might buy

Her precious song, she breathed with a sigh

Suddenly, she realized her song was wronged

It was a poem for which no melody belonged

In the end, she hunts for the person with a tune

To match the poem that someone would croon

Now she sits and chuckles as she types her words

Maybe songwriting is just for the birds!

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A Mother’s Thought

“I love my kids,” said the mother, though no one was around

From afar I watched her tears fall, she wasn’t making a sound

“It all goes too fast. They are here and then gone.”

“I want to be the elf on the shelf so I learn to be strong.”

So, I walked over to her and asked her to speak

The story as she saw it, I hoped she wasn’t meek

She agreed and began saying it had been a shock

To have a baby so soon in her happy state of wedlock

The sweet baby was healthy, and cried when born

So tiny and cute so easy to adorn

She did her best to raise her child so dear

Often making choices just out of fear

For the safety of the child, it always came first

She was so very proud, she thought she would burst

But, then, came the day that fate would end

As her child made a choice not one of pretend

Her child left her life in the blink of an eye

A drunk driver the cause, the driver didn’t cry

As she looked at me, I saw her heart was broken

There was nothing to say so nothing was spoken

I only knew that when the time had come

The choice was made without a rule of thumb

The mother was left to continue her life

And, in her heart, would consistently be strife

There is no cure for the loss of a child

The heart will always ache and feel defiled

I thanked her for her story, slowly I walked away

I really didn’t know what I could say

I knew I couldn’t help her to resolve her pain

I hoped she would find peace in her beautiful brain

So, I asked that the angels be with her instead

To keep her mind and heart safe, away from the dread

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The 280Z

My first car was gorgeous, a silver 280Z

I couldn’t believe my father had picked it for me

Of course, I had to pay the price of the magnificent car

It would carry me away to my first job afar

It earned the name “Silver Streak” because it was fast

Thinking as a race car driver, I would zoom on past

It was a kick to see my mother drive it one day

She put the pedal to the metal, zipping away

It was a great car, I’m so glad that I survived

My driving was good, always thankful I arrived

My students one day as students sometimes do

Wanted to see how many would fit in this car made for two

So, eight of the students, they all piled in

It wouldn’t hold anymore, not even a pin

They squeezed and laughed and fit themselves tight

They could hardly breath, try as they might

I laugh at this memory of my students and my car

The “Silver Streak” for me was simply a motorized super star

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What Students Have Taught Me

When I began to teach, I learned quickly that things were sometimes not as they seemed. I learned that when a student falls asleep, it might be because the student was tired, not bored, not disrespectful, just plain tired. It was because they didn’t get to sleep, you know, like a missed opportunity. I learned that some students worked at jobs after school. I learned that some students lived in situations that were not healthy. I learned that some students had great parents. And, that some didn’t. I also learned that if I read the test questions to a student who seemed to have a reading problem, the student usually knew the answer. I didn’t know about dyslexia at the time. I just knew that the student knew the answer and I thought he couldn’t read. So, I read to him.

I also learned that some students didn’t live with their own family. Some were in foster care. Sometimes a student might live with a boyfriend. Some were living away from home because the home was uninhabitable. But, interestingly, they still all came to school.

So, I learned to try to look past the surface. I wanted to find a way to see the student as the person, not as anything other than who they truly were. I looked for ways to make school fun. I will always believe that a person learns more if they are having fun, if they are enjoying themselves.

Sometimes when I saw a student’s head on the desk, I would ask the student if they were okay. Then, I let them sleep. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of teachers who would do that. I can hear a teacher reading this and saying, “Yes, I’ve done that.”

But, I also tried to do what was best.

I coached volleyball. I loved it. I was fortunate enough to start a program. We were all beginners, the players and me. When I took the job, my principal told me that my job was to have a winning team. He didn’t tell me that we were supposed to have fun. It was the goal of a varsity team to win. So, I tried to do that. It wasn’t always easy because my players didn’t know what the principal had said to me. They wanted to win because it seemed like the right thing to do. And, they always seemed to play their hearts out. Oh…my…gosh. But, not all players understood that we were playing to win. Some thought volleyball was a club that they could “join.” I never quite understood that. It wasn’t a club. It was a competitive team. Still, it was new and not everyone understood the goal. And, in the back of my mind, I still just wanted to have fun. Oh, and a side note – the program I started – has won 10 state championships. The players have been and are continuing to be phenomenal. And, it does all go back to that, the players, the students.

The memories I have of what students have said to me over the time that I coached would probably fill a book. It was great. Well, most of the time. One student used to call me “Ma’am” and I loved it. One told me “I did just what you told me to do.” This was after she had made a perfect approach and killed the ball. I was thrilled. They actual listened. To me. What an honor. They demonstrated respect at every turn. I loved my players! I loved my students! Ok. So, I have a lot of love in my heart. Just imagine if you are my really good friend…well, kind of like all my students.

I cannot have had a better teaching career. I taught students from kindergarten through college level. How blessed I have been. And, it was fun. Way too much fun. Can you imagine living your life and just having enormous amounts of fun. Well, that’s my teaching life. – FUN. But, it is all because of who I was able to teach – those darn students, and I do love them all. Every single one!!

I could go on and on but I promised myself that I would only write short narratives. So, I’ll skip the part about where the students pushed me into the pool and, no, I was not in a swimming suit.

And, then, I started teaching teachers…yes, that is an entirely different story. And, yes, it is filled with fun…