Elvis Old Bull

I’m writing to you, Elvis, as I know not where you are

It seems your time expired and I can only see so far

You were among the greatest, the best I’d ever seen

Not that I’m a critic, it is just what I really mean

I mean I felt so lucky that I was able to see you play

It was during the high school journey, back in your heyday

As a teacher and coach, it was fun to see it all

I saw your skill as a player, I watched you handle the ball

Somehow your memory won’t leave me, I think of you often, you see

Of all the players I coached, you were not on a team with me

I worked with many great players, I’m fortune for my career

It’s just that you were a legend, in a time when people would cheer

They cheered your amazing talent, a star in the sky shining bright

A star whose light stopped blinking, on a somber and fateful night

Sometimes when I look into the sky, a brilliant star blinks there

I hope it’s you playing basketball, for all of us who care

The Legend of Elvis Old Bull

The Great Falls Tribune

Jay Daniels: A tribute to Crow basketball legend Elvis D. Old Bull

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