When Animals Matter

Cheyenne of My Heart

If I could travel around the world 
I know where I’d like to go 
I’d go to a country in Africa 
Where the elephants are free to grow  

Their beauty is unmistakeable 
They move with a grace unsaid 
I can only imagine the sight 
Right now, it is in my head 

An elephant is a majestic 
A unique mammal on earth 
A blessing it would be to see them 
Their look, size, and incredible worth

But, the value is not in money
It is a value that we can’t replace
To see an elephant in the wild
Is a dream I would like to chase

I hope as the time passes
If this dream isn’t meant for me
That my children or grandchildren
Will have that distinct opportunity

Photo taken by Patrick Freeman
“She’s a large adult female from the Native American family in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. Her name is Cheyenne, and she was truly a sight to behold.”

The King

There once was a King, on a throne he did sing

A throne he did not know existed

When he discovered his role, he decided to go

So, things became rather twisted

It’s not that he knew, his fate to be true

For a shrew had him over a barrel

He knew she was a witch, an ordinary snitch

And, that put him in great peril

His thoughts suddenly cast, a link to the past

He knew it would result in a fix

The shrew would melt away, and he could just say

I’m the ruler with a great many tricks.

The Stare

You keep staring at me
I can’t figure out what you see
I work on my computer or read my email 
And, I feel it
You are staring!

So, how does your mind work?
Every so often, I see a glimpse of the how
When you run into the room, you want attention
You get in my face
You push, you move, you keep getting in my face

I know you are smarter than most
In fact, I know you are a fast learner
Very, very sharp

How did I get so lucky as to find you?
Hm. I think you found me.
Ok. You found us.

Stay for a very long time and continue to be my companion
Take me for walks, stare at me with those big amazing eyes
I guess I don’t care that you stare

Because I like the attention

I feel it.

I feel your devoted attention

Stay for as long as you can

And, keep me company

Take me for walks

And, let me throw the rope

Bound into my bedroom in the morning

Begging to play

You are a special dog

A special dog who I wholeheartedly love

Eagle Eye

A beautiful sensation, flying above the ground

I can see for miles, I can hear every sound

My view is spectacular, from up here high above

It makes me feel powerful and totally in love

I love that I am free to fly, above the earth so high

I never miss a single view, as I move throughout the sky

And, as my day winds down, I head back to my nest

To watch the little ones grow, hoping they’re the best

At soaring above the earth, and watching all around

For everywhere I look, goodness can be found

So, I try to teach them, to look, then see it all

Really see the goodness, it’s up to them, it’s their call

The view is not just of the earth, it’s of my little ones, too

For they are the view that touches my heart, as little ones always do

The Hummingbird

Today is not the same as it was yesterday. Hm. Well, that isn’t anything new. I was watching the birds in the yard. Ok, I think they were talking to me. But, mostly, they were just being birds and, oh, I forgot to tell you that they are hummingbirds. Yes, they buzz around and are good for the pomegranates. I just love pomegranates. And, I really love hummingbirds.

Once, while sitting, I knew what I saw

A tiny hummingbird without any flaw

It changed direction and flew by my ear

I wanted to touch it and hold it near

Looking at the bird, I saw the shimmer

Its sparkling feathers were all about glimmer

As it moved, it hummed from which came its name

What a unique descriptor giving it fame

I’m delighted to say that we have not just one

Each morning I watch them as I sit in the sun

They hum and move and create such delight

I want them to stay close, within my sight

I want them to hum so my heart takes a jump

Then, one flies by me, the tiniest little chump

I hear it, I see it, I wish I could touch

I just really love the hummingbird so very much

The Buffalo

There were 16 million and then they shot them dead

When there were only 400, not much more could be said

But, finally people got a clue, realizing with great dread

Before the next gun was fired, they soon would all be dead

As we speak in living, our words become thoughts instead

It’s not that we had reason, it existed within our head

Of that from which I speak, the truth seems to have fled

Our ability is to see the light, when we are in dark instead

When we uproot the living, the consequences are read

Saving lives is not so simple, as every life can be bled

To change thoughts and opinion, that change must be fed

The food comes from knowledge, knowledge to which we must wed

The light is looking brighter, from the dark we want to shed

Opening our thoughts to knowledge, knowledge as food, our bread

The Sly of the Wolf

I tiptoe quietly through the forest, and no one sees me go

I’m cunning like a fox but I’m bigger and stronger, you know?

My beauty is not just skin deep as I walk with swagger and pride

Do not compare me to some little dog, a dog couldn’t match my stride

Notice my eyes, they have that look, something that is rarely seen

I calculate movements to ensure survival, my instincts sharp and keen

So, watch your back if you’re in the forest, and no one sees you go

I’ll be there watching, sneaking around, and you won’t even know