It Is Only Temporary

I have a really hard time.

I have a hard time listening to people talk so horribly about other people. It doesn’t matter the political party. It matters how WE treat other people. I believe that when we speak badly of other people we lose sight of who WE are. I was taught to look at how I can make a difference. I’m not so sure that I can make a difference if I am constantly criticizing other people. Norman Vincent Peale made such an impression on me. He always spoke about the power of positive thinking. I really believe that that power exists inside of us and that we must always take the high road. We need to work on ourselves first. We need to look at ourselves ONLY. It doesn’t matter what other people say or do. It matters how we react and how we think and, then, what we do. We have more of an impact if we provide positive ideas and positive attitudes. Yes, I’m sure I sound idealistic but I believe it. I remember teaching a first year volleyball team. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. They did everything I asked them to do because they never knew they couldn’t do it. They JUST did it. It was amazing. It was the best experience. It really taught me that if you believe in the good, it will happen. So, I believe it is time to stop looking at the bad and think about how we can implement the good. WE. Yes, it is time we stepped up to the plate.

I remember now why I loved to learn

It mattered not where I was

I remember now that the result was good

It mattered only because

I can believe I grew to be

A person of quiet type

I type and say the words so clear

For you to take the insight

So, now I am asking for you to look

Beyond the site of the view

For when you see what is really there

It will not be all so new

For you can make a difference today

If you try and see for a distance

You will never know what you can do

Until you fight the resistance

Be a good person, she said with a smile

You know it is in your blood

Take the time to be who you are

And, all will be understood

Then – I thank you.

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