And When You’re Too…Hm

It seemed to be a flashing, off the distance is the light

I didn’t know about it until it was brought into my sight

So, before I started thinking it was something that needed care

I just kept seeing all the people, the people who seemed to stare

What was it they were doing in the middle of the day?

Why wouldn’t they take a minute and come to me to say?

Finally I discovered, my person was the distract

Following me was a problem, for which the golfers lacked

They lacked the ability to see, it seemed to be too bright

They couldn’t see the fairway, because of great white light

Because the sun was shining on this beautiful warm spring day

The comfort of my clothes was simply for golf play

Carefully I dressed myself in short pants and a shirt

Not realizing my effect, an effect that might just hurt

The effect it caused was from my legs, my legs were really white

My legs were hidden from the sun through all the winter spite

And as the sun hit my legs, the color, the brilliance, it beamed

A beam of light shown everywhere, as bright as the sun it seemed

The reflection of the sun on white, the brilliance was just too bold

All the golfers following me were blinded I am told

Not one could see the fairway nor hit the solid green

Finally someone said to me, please cover your legs, Eileen

2 thoughts on “And When You’re Too…Hm

  1. Beth Paich

    That is so funny but true!
    When we lived on Guam could always tell new arrivals- talk about white blinding legs- surprised it didn’t cause eye issues

    Liked by 1 person


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