When You HAVE to Golf During a Storm

I decided to play today anyway. I’m sorta like the mail person – you know, through wind and rain or sleet or hail (or however that goes)
I put an anchor around my neck so I wouldn’t blow away.
I have my boots on.
I hit my drive on #1 and it went over the green.
I guess the wind IS pretty strong.
After driving to the #2 tee, I stepped out to tee off.
A gust of wind blew me into the pond.
So, I decided enough is enough. After all, I’m pretty determined.
Luckily, I had a snorkel next to my anchor.
I was able to find new golf balls to give to Beth, especially since they were hers.
I decided to tee off on #2 and give it a whirl.
Yes, I was slightly soaking wet but, after all, it IS worth it for golf.
So, I hit a beautiful high drive and, oops, that was a mistake.
The wind caught the ball and it landed on the #7 green.
Next, I thought, aw, heck. Might as well continue and go finish the shot on #7.
My ball had landed a foot from the pin!
I putted from one foot. The ball blew backwards, over the green, over the grass and into the sand trap. Rats.
I hit out of the sand trap, got the ball up in the air, and low and behold…
It flew over my head and into the pond behind me. That pond is a little distance from the green.
Hm. Done with that hole.
I decided I should go to #10 to tee off since it would probably land on #18 fairway. That way I would be close to home.
I made it to #10 and teed off. It looked like my plan would work until I heard the splash.
The pond on #18…Rats.
By that time, my cart light started to blink so I decided it was time to go home.
Besides, I hate to play in cold, rainy weather.

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