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Sometimes You Laugh

I flitted around the room one day, then decided to make a call

The call I made to someone, that someone is quite the doll

As we began to speak our minds, I noticed we started to giggle

The less we spoke, the more we laughed, soon I began to jiggle

I jiggled because I laughed so hard about what was never said

The more we laughed, the funnier it was, the laughter stuck in my head

The laugh died down but not for long as we burst out laughing again

I decided it was time to stop the call as the laughing would never end

Before I knew it the phone did ring, the person calling was new

We spoke a little and soon it began, the laughing began to spew

I thought to myself, “How can this be?” for soon goodbye was said

The only thing that could be heard to me was the laughter in my head

When Dreams are a Gift

I had a dream a few nights ago, it was vivid and clear to me

In my dream I walked my dogs, on a path and by a tree

When suddenly above my head a shadow did appear

I looked up to see what was frightening me to calm my inner fear

I saw a bird so very large, it was incredibly beautiful, you see

As it flew, I knew it was true, the bird, an eagle from history

First he swooped around my group, then he decided to land

That’s when the eagle looked at me, I noticed the problem at hand

Around its leg a string had wrapped with a kite dragging behind

That’s when I knew he needed my help so he was no longer confined

I tried to figure out how I could unwrap from his leg that string

Just as I tried to help the bird, I awoke with an energetic zing

I knew that a dream can be a vision, a vision of something ahead

But the question was what I had to do to prepare for the walk instead

I needed something that I could use to cut the string from the leg

That beautiful eagle had to be free I felt the bird did beg

I cannot help but relate it to how in this world where we all live

That freedom is key, remarkably, something we cannot give

Freedom comes from within our souls, it is a gift with which we are born

The eagle represents freedom to us, this eagle to me did warn

Go back to sleep, look deep in your heart, find a way to even the score

Figure it out how to cut the string, so once again I, the eagle, can soar

As the Earth Evolves

The twisted mind is untwisting

It moves about to find clarity in its existence

The light that is shining is opening the mind, helping in every way

We are destined to find the light and clarity

As we move towards ascension, the earth will change

It is changing already, but the change is different

It is not about political control or immigration or perceived unjust issues

The evolution of the planet is happening and you are invited

You can experience the newness of evolution and change

It is not what you think UNLESS you look deep within and feel the change

You must use your heart, you must allow your heart with its intense intuition

The intuition of the open heart, hearts that are so powerful

Hearts that create change, positive enduring change

Its not what you think, it will be what you feel

Close your eyes, open your heart and feel

Feel the change, the ascension is emerging

And When You’re Too…Hm

It seemed to be a flashing, off the distance is the light

I didn’t know about it until it was brought into my sight

So, before I started thinking it was something that needed care

I just kept seeing all the people, the people who seemed to stare

What was it they were doing in the middle of the day?

Why wouldn’t they take a minute and come to me to say?

Finally I discovered, my person was the distract

Following me was a problem, for which the golfers lacked

They lacked the ability to see, it seemed to be too bright

They couldn’t see the fairway, because of great white light

Because the sun was shining on this beautiful warm spring day

The comfort of my clothes was simply for golf play

Carefully I dressed myself in short pants and a shirt

Not realizing my effect, an effect that might just hurt

The effect it caused was from my legs, my legs were really white

My legs were hidden from the sun through all the winter spite

And as the sun hit my legs, the color, the brilliance, it beamed

A beam of light shown everywhere, as bright as the sun it seemed

The reflection of the sun on white, the brilliance was just too bold

All the golfers following me were blinded I am told

Not one could see the fairway nor hit the solid green

Finally someone said to me, please cover your legs, Eileen

The Resort of Retort

As I write this, I notice that I’m feeling sad and excited at the same time. Is that even possible? I am sad for the things that I lost last year while I am excited for the beginnings that a new year will bring. Last year was tough, and I believe that the new year will bring us more challenges. Hopefully, it will help us to develop in ways that we didn’t know possible. With that said, I turn to my favorite pastime.

I write for fun but as I sit
It occurs to me, I’m drawn to wit

The pen is dull and cannot write
Worse is the brain so out of site

I hear it calling, golf has a sound
The club head clicking, the ball hits the ground

But, then comes the real spirit of sport
When a shot is missed, it’s the sound of retort

The words are gems, they come in all sizes
They really don’t help, especially with prizes

So we decided to keep a bag with money
From all the retorts that aren’t pure honey

We build the bag each week we play
It is easy to fill, the bag on display

It helps us to work through the game we love
A few words here and not from above

I prefer those retorts as they are seldom and few
Much better than throwing a club on cue

It is a good thing, this pot of bills
Helping build parties, defusing the wills

So I hit the tee shot, it bounced on the path
That darn ball it landed to create my wrath

It bounced and planted itself in the tree
I’m sure the ball was laughing at me

And, yes, I said it, my heart did instill
The words that you say when a shot is nil

So, here’s to the ladies who play the game
All of us contribute, one and the same