Speaking of Wine

As I begin to write this, I truly understand
That kindness is a gift to self, a gift of sweet demand
For when you give to someone else, it comes back to your heart
The feeling strong within a song from you it does not part
And once I gave a gift of wine, I thought the gift unique
I forgot that the receiver was a connoisseur, a wine geek
It should not have mattered for if I could not tell
The person who received the gift was just an awkward quell
For he did not know that I had tried so to impress
It mattered not to him, he could not have cared less
The gift to him was just a thing, his finances were so great
It did not make a difference, for proud had been my state
I tried to make an impression, for that I realize now
Impressions do not the person make, I learned this, oh and how
I learned that to give a gift can only be an act
The act of giving kindness, for sure it is a fact
When your heart is right you know, the gift it may be tough
Remember it’s the thought that counts, and that will be enough

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