When People are Special

The Sad of My Heart

The Sad of My Heart

It seems to me that I’m quite sad, it may not even show

I talk a lot to everyone, some people I hardly know

The void that comes with losing, a person or even a dog

The feeling can be excruciating, my view sees only a fog

For loving comes in many ways, a hug, a thought, a gift

To this I speak as if I know, maybe it will help uplift

The only part that satisfies, the absence in my heart

Are the memories that I take, from which I will not part

I see the face, I touch the skin, I know it will no longer be

For the very person, the one I love, has gone away from me

Her picture a clear reminder, of the love that people share

She knows that I will never stop, loving her with such care

The spot in my heart, will always remain, as time continues on

The spot she laid her anchor, a spot for one last song

“How Great Thou Art” I heard us sing, we stood right by her side

The beginning, the end, we knew it would come, we met it with great pride

The pride was for a life well lived, a life she truly had

The good far greater than my pain, for me, I’m no longer sad

The Meaning of Slant

The Meaning of Slant

She said, “Your head is crooked.”

“Yes, I know. But, one eye is lower than the other. Well, the Hutterite doctor took his thumb and pushed into my mouth to try to straighten my eyes.
It didn’t work…
So, now I’m 90, well, I will be next month.
I think my view is slanted.”

She said, “Do you really think your view is slanted? I think it is just that you have a great sense of humor.”

“Oh, no. I know my view is slanted. Take, for instance, the money I get. I’m pretty sure it is burning a hole in my pocket.
So, I need to spend it, I think.
And, I might go to college next semester.”

She said, “Really? What are you going to study?”

“I might study geology but I’m not sure. I’m a pretty good artist, too. Maybe I will take an art class.
Because my view is slanted, I could put a good slant on a picture.”

She said, “You have a unique view of life. I think you are right. Your point of view is a very good slant.”

“Well, I think I’m going to continue with my point of view. I’m going to continue to use my sense of humor to help people smile. I’m going to take a college class and learn something new. And, I’m going to continue to slant. You know, one eye is lower than the other. It gives me a unique look and a very unique look on life.”

Big Sky Ski

Big Sky Ski

Take me back to gorgeous Big Sky
Where mountains are so majestic
I feel the energy everywhere
A far cry from the city so hectic

The sky is blue, the mountains white
The trees add a hint of green
The splendor is more than I comprehend
As I ski this unbelievable scene

The speed is an exhilaration
As the wind whips my face
It’s hard to believe I’m skiing
Zipping along at an incredible pace

As I finish the run and the sun departs
It has been a wonderful day
My body is tired, my mind is sharp
I’m so thankful for Big Sky play

Haley skiing Big Ski. Lone Mountain is in the background!
The Angel Rose

The Angel Rose

I see her as an angel
Even though I know she’s not
She has that spiritual aura
So many people just do not

I think she is quite special
Which is very lucky you see
For I can be a friend to her
Just as she is to me

She is so much like a rose
Whose petals are soft to touch
But, really the rose aroma
Is what I like so much

Her aroma fills my being
As I listen to her speak
The words are precious moments
I will continually seek

Friends like her are rare, you see
As rare as it can be
I am so glad that she is she
And, is a friend to me

Lana is an Artist

Lana is an Artist

As I walk in, I can see her smile
She is busy working, she is using a file

She takes time to greet me, so I feel quite good
She wants my business, that is understood

But, beyond her practice, is her very kind heart
Her smile is constant from the very start

Her work is excellent so I will want to come back
She’s an artist at work, she keeps on track

I watch her closely as she carefully works
Taking time for details as the next customer lurks

I love her work ethic, she aims to please
She speaks with an accent, sometimes she does tease

When she’s finished with me and it’s time to depart
I know I’ll be back for another work of art

My Father’s Voice

My Father’s Voice

No sound is so familiar as the sound of father’s voice 
If I could listen to anything, it would be my first choice 

I hear the advice, the stories, the warnings so stern 
Offset by chuckling and laughter from which I did learn 

I learned that while here, I must do all that I can 
To make friends, to travel, and work my life plan 

And, when life takes my loved one, and he no longer exists 
My heart will be keep beating as it has been filled with lists 

Of all these good things causing my heart to rejoice 
Because of the sound of my dear father’s voice.


The Gardener

The Gardener

It peeks out of the ground, slowly raising its head, looking for the sun
The slim body is not strong, but it moves up anyway

The warmth of the sun feeds it, helping it to grow
It is amazing to see the change from day to day

It is much like a new-born calf, who, when born, seeks the mother
Or, a baby chick, who knows to start pecking for food on the ground

But, it’s a plant and it has a different need for its life
It needs a gardener to tend to it and keep it sound

The gardener who waters it, gives it food, makes sure it grows
The gardener, carefully watching over the plant like a nurturing parent

The gardener, who shares the garden with whoever walks by
The gardener who grows anything, with knowledge inherent

What is best about the garden and the gardener
It’s the fresh produce available every day all year around

The plants vary from season to season so there is always choice
The choice to walk through the garden, and create a feeling profound

The writer grows words and the gardener grows plant life
There is mutual respect for the pen and the green thumb

Both the gardener and the writer share with others
Sharing an insight into that from which they come