When Looking for Truth

The story moves in and then it’s out, it’s not what we would think
As I thought about what I’d heard, it really began to stink
They write, they talk, they speak in lies, for us they do not care
For as they divide, they conquer all and here we sit and stare

Wake up, people, look inside, you really must hear your voice
Your trust has been so misplaced, it is time to make a choice
Sometimes we think that we must stay within the traditional binds
The structures that were set in place, a link to that which blinds

We are not stupid, you want to shout, so lead us not astray
For just this once in your life, do what is right I say
Obey the laws that matter to all, the laws of nature are true
Be good, be fair, be honest as well, for you just haven’t a clue

The clue that matters the most, you see, is a matter of the heart
For if you do not listen within, your brain will never be smart
You have it inside, it is there all the time, just close your eyes to see
Try to regain the person within, the person you really must be

That means that you may have to stand against what you thought you knew
You just need to trust your heart’s inner core, the heart is never untrue
Stop believing the script that creates the fear, develop strength you can stand behind
It is time to listen and follow your heart, to create a new life in kind

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