When I Miss Her

I’m working on a memory, for me it rings so true
The constant thought I’m thinking, and then I feel so blue
She was a solid corner in my world it seems to be
And even though she’s disappeared, I can feel her next to me

For as I said my thoughts ring true, a mind cannot escape
A mind that works continually, it has no constant shape
The mind is second to the heart, for that is when we know
We know the heart is beating because we feel it as we go

So that, dear friends, is all we know when we agreed to be
A stronger feeling within the song, the beating continually
We know we live because we hear the song our heart does beat
The beating heart connects to all, to everyone we meet

Don’t dismay when one is gone, it’s something we cannot see
Just as the heart connects to all, remember it’s like the tree
The roots go here and over there, a connection to the earth
It’s where we are from, to where we go, as we have known from birth

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