Wonder in My Heart

I think about you every day, wondering what is next
It seems your life is out of balance, jumbled in context

I wonder, I wish, the clock could move back, to a time long ago
When you were healthy and full of life, so this is what I know

I remember when I helped you, we created an excel chart
You needed the page for your thesis, your educational work of art

Back and forth through email, until it was perfectly done
That, dear sister, was total success, for me, it was such fun

I wanted to help you in so many ways, so gave you my old iPhone
Your phone had stopped working, you needed to be in the zone

When it was time for you to move, we drove a little each day
We traveled across many a mile, visiting family along the way

What I remember most of all, when I was a little girl
I seemed to struggle with all of life, and you became the pearl

The pearl to which I refer, was simply because of an action
My day for me hadn’t worked out, my feelings quite the reaction

You had just returned from college, bringing a special gift
It was a cute red nightshirt, my spirit it would uplift

As insignificant as I felt, the gift was huge for me
For once I felt really special, my heart had changed to glee

And now if I only could, the favor I would exchange
For my dear sister to be healed, I wish I could arrange

Life can be what we want, sometimes it’s not our choice
The only thing we can do is use the heart as voice

I love my sister, this is hard for me, I want her healed soon
It won’t necessarily be what I want, for life plays a unique tune

The saving grace is all that I have, to remember what good has passed
My heart will hold all of this, memories to recall when asked

2 thoughts on “Wonder in My Heart

  1. Lynn Fee

    Such a beautiful poem and such a tribute to your sister. You have a beautiful way with words and expressions. What a gift.
    I think of you often, I hope you and Woody are doing well. If you’re ever in Chico please shoot me a text and perhaps we can get together.

    Lynn Fee



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