A New In One

I knew the time had come for me, time to make a note

The events that were unfolding, were sugar for my coat

As we settled into our chairs, the talk was to discuss

The events of golf, play of the day, the events always the plus

Playing the front was a delight, a delight for me anyway

My score was holding even par, so the story does say

The first event was number three, a birdie came from the putt

But the next hole was the big one, the one that was so clear-cut

Lori and Deb W had hit their balls, and as they waited for me

I drove up and jumped from my cart, checking my clubs to see

To see which club I should use, hybrid six or seven, you see

The six I chose and it was right, leading to explosive glee

I went with six because of wind, then focused on my swing

The ball sailed off toward the green, the view it soon would bring

To my amazement and everyone else, the ball bounced onto the green

It slowly rolled toward the pin, but was too far to be seen

The mower guy was watching our shots, he watched and gave a cheer

The ball had rolled into the cup, from sight it did disappear

Then the sound came screeching out, a scream for all to hear

For me to signal Hole-in-One, my scream was truly sincere

Back in the clubhouse we gathered around, Wendy said a poem we need

It documents the events of that day, an eventful gift indeed

1 thought on “A New In One

  1. Kim Vagt

    Woo hoo!!! Congratulations to you my friend!! I was excited to share this special moment with you. 🏌🏽‍♀️⛳️Way to go!!



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