The In One

Annette had just hit her ball, Caroline was next

We worked our way up number twelve, it follows in this text

We reached the top, we’re on the green, the green is quite the shelve

That’s when we heard the burst of sound, we, on top of twelve

The sound was coming to us, it came from thirteen green

The group that was ahead of us, was making a noise scene

We finished twelve and moved ahead, to thirteen a par three

What we observed on thirteen green, was what we like to see

Marlene had hit her five wood, the ball up in the air

It landed on the green rolling to the pin, I swear

Then Jackie, Deb and Wendy had given a great shout

They were simply cheering, for the shot that had rung out

For Marlene had hit the shot, the shot of great achieve

The shot she hit took the path into the cup, I believe

We saw Marlene walking toward the pin without her putter

She picked her ball up from the cup, not a word did she utter

And, suddenly, we heard the sound, the sound of joy we knew

Because it came so suddenly, we thought, “Can it be true?”

For when we first began to play, we all heard Lori say

“We haven’t had a hole in one, not for many a day.”

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