Sometimes You Laugh

I flitted around the room one day, then decided to make a call

The call I made to someone, that someone is quite the doll

As we began to speak our minds, I noticed we started to giggle

The less we spoke, the more we laughed, soon I began to jiggle

I jiggled because I laughed so hard about what was never said

The more we laughed, the funnier it was, the laughter stuck in my head

The laugh died down but not for long as we burst out laughing again

I decided it was time to stop the call as the laughing would never end

Before I knew it the phone did ring, the person calling was new

We spoke a little and soon it began, the laughing began to spew

I thought to myself, “How can this be?” for soon goodbye was said

The only thing that could be heard to me was the laughter in my head

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