When Freedom Strikes Back

They don’t see your cheating heart
How can they see it, it’s in the dark

It’s a widespread robbery, a shocking amount
It’s taken our freedom, what you say doesn’t count

When we have cheaters, it starts with money
If you think I’m wrong, read on it’s not funny

There once was a time when greed was not first
But, greed it did grow, causing the worst

To question the matter, is all that I ask
You need to look deep inside for the task

It makes no difference which political side
The difference comes with no value of pride

I see the movement we didn’t create
Our wayward politicians, they all took the bait

The greed that comes when they have control
It takes our freedom, do what you are told!

Please understand the deeper implication
We are pawns in a scheme of indignation

Tell the media what they should say
The public will believe it, there is no other way

In the past propaganda was something quite bad
And, here we are, propaganda we’ve had

It scares me to think there is no way out
Control is the issue without a doubt

I pray for my children, family, a friend
They think they have freedom, will it soon end?

When told what to think, what to say, what to do
Your freedom has been taken away from you

A government once for a people so strong
Has taken a dive into a pit filled with wrong

It will be better and we shall see
The correction that’s coming, when we will be free

Stay hopeful, happy and look to your heart
Your heart is secure, trust it from the start

Your heart will tell you what you already knew
It’s the only way to know what is really true

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