As the Earth Evolves

The twisted mind is untwisting

It moves about to find clarity in its existence

The light that is shining is opening the mind, helping in every way

We are destined to find the light and clarity

As we move towards ascension, the earth will change

It is changing already, but the change is different

It is not about political control or immigration or perceived unjust issues

The evolution of the planet is happening and you are invited

You can experience the newness of evolution and change

It is not what you think UNLESS you look deep within and feel the change

You must use your heart, you must allow your heart with its intense intuition

The intuition of the open heart, hearts that are so powerful

Hearts that create change, positive enduring change

Its not what you think, it will be what you feel

Close your eyes, open your heart and feel

Feel the change, the ascension is emerging

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