When Life Happens

Community Neighbor

If I could choose a happiness, I know what it would be

It would be for my neighbors, to try and be kind to me

As silly as this sounds, it is not a desperate plea

It is only meant to open eyes, for some just cannot see

The beauty of a neighbor exists in someone’s heart

Treating people kindly is what it takes to start

A community of neighbors when placed in just one cart

They soon become united, a family tree on a chart

I’ve lived in this community for many, many years

I have a lot of friends, some make the best of peers 

This has been a safe haven, I’ve not had any fears 

Living here has been such fun, sometimes I just do cheers

We came here to golf, and found so much more

It felt like a paradise, I think we really made a score

Hopefully for you, my friend, this story’s not a bore

To this end, I will stop, creating my folklore

In Times of Trouble

It takes a little time, but it never gets old

Looking, I see the world as it starts to unfold

We don’t know the outcome, I’m not sure we dare

We get through the day, this is what we share

It is scary and not, I think with my heart

It seems we will welcome a new life and start

Life changes so quickly and we cannot flee

Adjusting our priorities, soon this you will see

I’m feeling the peace from a source of pure love

I believe it comes from the heavens above

It is not superficial, it depends on your thought

Be careful what you think as it can cause you to rot

Look at your neighbor, you spouse, your loved ones, your friend

See the good in them always, everyday without end

Trust that the source will bring forward good things

Things like summer, and flowers, and the bird that sings

I doubt we will know what has happened throughout

It is more than we bargained for, this is no doubt

I still believe that from this, good will come

Heavenly bodies surround us, protecting us as one

Some leave us here, for it is time that they go

But, believe that we remember what it takes to live so

Use your trust, your hope and your faith that is strong

To our collective heart to which we all belong

For Sisters

One is artsy, One is analytical, One is academic 
But, they all shine 

One likes chai, One likes tomatoes, One likes desserts 
And, they all like wine 

One is an artist, One is an accountant, One was an administrator 
They worked in schools to refine 

So many talents, So much to share, So many feelings 
Sometimes they do align 

They are unique, they are the same, they are always thinking 
Take it as a sign  

I’m made up of all three

Yes, I’m fortunate, you see

Because I was last

Their aura was cast

For me, I was blessed

I really must confess

My love is devoted

It won’t be outvoted

I get uplifted

By all that was gifted

From the three before me

That helped me to be

A writer and a poet

Really, don’t you know it?

It Is Only Temporary

I have a really hard time.

I have a hard time listening to people talk so horribly about other people. It doesn’t matter the political party. It matters how WE treat other people. I believe that when we speak badly of other people we lose sight of who WE are. I was taught to look at how I can make a difference. I’m not so sure that I can make a difference if I am constantly criticizing other people. Norman Vincent Peale made such an impression on me. He always spoke about the power of positive thinking. I really believe that that power exists inside of us and that we must always take the high road. We need to work on ourselves first. We need to look at ourselves ONLY. It doesn’t matter what other people say or do. It matters how we react and how we think and, then, what we do. We have more of an impact if we provide positive ideas and positive attitudes. Yes, I’m sure I sound idealistic but I believe it. I remember teaching a first year volleyball team. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. They did everything I asked them to do because they never knew they couldn’t do it. They JUST did it. It was amazing. It was the best experience. It really taught me that if you believe in the good, it will happen. So, I believe it is time to stop looking at the bad and think about how we can implement the good. WE. Yes, it is time we stepped up to the plate.

I remember now why I loved to learn

It mattered not where I was

I remember now that the result was good

It mattered only because

I can believe I grew to be 

A person of quiet type

I type and say the words so clear

For you to take the insight

So, now I am asking for you to look

Beyond the site of the view

For when you see what is really there

It will not be all so new

For you can make a difference today

If you try and see for a distance

You will never know what you can do

Until you fight the resistance

Be a good person, she said with a smile

You know it is in your blood

Take the time to be who you are

And, all will be understood

Then – I thank you.

Heart Energy

I am so fortunate. I had lunch today with a special friend. She is one of those people who has a twinkle in her eye. I think twinkles come from Heart Energy. You know, Heart Energy. The energy that is created when someone thinks from the heart. That energy goes right to the eye and twinkles. Next time you go somewhere, anywhere, look around for that person with the twinkle. That is Heart Energy at work.

I see that twinkle in your eye

Makes me wonder what you’re up to and why

I know it is for the good of us all

As your Heart Energy twinkles to make the call 

You are one of those people with such a great smile

Your smile warms my heart, and then after awhile

I realize that I don’t want lunch to end

Because your eyes are twinkling, my dear friend

The Head or the Heart

“The winner takes all.” she said. So, I listened with my head

“You must use the positive start.” So, I listened with my heart.

That’s all I needed to know, for the heart to win just so

The heart is the source of feeling, emotion from it revealing

If your heart is always used, it will lead you from being confused

When dealing with human life, free from worry, free from strife

It is the path that will work out, from this there is no doubt

It takes patience to learn, and is not something of concern

When thinking with your head, remember, it is the ego instead

It is certainly an art, that of thinking with the heart

The next time you need to know, close your eyes to think quite slow 

The answer will come to you, as if quite out of the blue

Your heart will always deliver, and you will be a true believer

The Listening Tree

I was running through the forest thinking that I could get there faster if I took the shortcut. It wasn’t working. The brush and twigs from the trees had created a soft cushion but a difficult walkway. My shoes weren’t meant for this nor were my feet. I thought, “I’ll just keep moving. Maybe it won’t matter.” I wasn’t sure it would make any difference anyway.

I had just been at a meeting with the members of an elite group of people. Well, they thought they were elite. The rest of us were just trying to participate. We weren’t successful. No one would let us speak. Even when we raised our hands to try to attract attention so we might be able to say something, it didn’t help. The eyes would simply move on by. After awhile, we just gave up. And, listened. To all the rhetoric. Funny how people think they are important and think what they have to say just might have meaning. Neither was true. They weren’t important and they definitely did not have anything to say that was worth hearing.

Suddenly, I felt myself falling forward. It didn’t take long to land on the soft cushion created by the forest. It didn’t hurt. I just sort of bounced.

I laid there for a few seconds trying to figure out if I was hurt. But, I wasn’t. Before I could get up, the sound was there. The sound. The sound was unusual and not what I was expecting. Well, really, I wasn’t expecting sound at all. I was expecting to pick myself up from the ground and get moving. It didn’t happen. I laid there and listened. What was the sound?? It didn’t sound like a human voice. It sounded more, hm, celestial, like what I imagine an angel would sound like, if angels were to speak. I sat up and listened.

The sound was coming from just beyond the bend. I needed to see what was causing the sound so I proceeded to get up. As I walked toward the sound, I didn’t hear any other sound. No birds, no small creatures, no wind. Just the unusual sound that was pulling me forward.

And, then, I saw it. The big, beautiful, unusual, green and full…tree. Yes, a tree. The sound was definitely coming from this large tree. Now, nothing made sense. Trees don’t make celestial sounds, maybe terrestrial, but definitely not celestial. I had to find the source of the sound.

I walked over to the tree and stared for a few minutes. Nothing. The sound had stopped. So, I walked around the tree looking for the source of the sound. Nothing. I stopped, trying to think of what to do.

Then, I touched the tree. I put my hand very gently on the trunk of this very large tree. I felt it. I felt the sound but I couldn’t hear it. This was really getting weird. Suddenly, I felt the tree ask me to speak. Yes, I felt it. So, I did, and here is what I felt I had to say:

Oh, tree of life so beautiful, and strong
Wave your branches and sing along
Help us to be kind, and always belong
To the many who insist on singing your song

I felt a sense of urgency in that short interlude with this beautiful tree. It was as if the tree were listening to me, to my heart. Then, I knew that we are not alone. I knew we were all interconnected. I was connected to this tree. It could hear me! The longer I held my hand on the tree, the stronger I felt. So…much…energy. The spiritual energy filled my soul. I felt renewed.

As I moved away from the tree, I began to feel a deep sense of peace, knowing I could come back anytime to renew my inner self. Yes, I spoke and the tree listened.