When the Gift is a Person

Gifts come to us in many ways, sometimes wrapped in little packages
Sometimes not wrapped at all
But, a gift is always special because it is given
Often, it requires thought or purpose
Sometimes a gift is simply how we see or who we see  
And, birthdays always remind us of the gift of someone’s life

We had a gift at golf yesterday, it was quite special indeed

The conversation included a player, one we shall call a star seed

She has wonderful characteristics, not just a few you see

We all appreciate her presence when watching her on the tee

Funny how we referred to her as we tried to play our game

For she was in a different group but part of ours, just the same

We used her play as reference, hoping to improve our own

Her play is a wonderful feature, like a movie and really well-known

She plays like a delicate creature, great strength when hitting the ball

It’s fun to watch her drive, as her drive is the longest of all

But it is not just on the course, that the lady makes an impression

She gives so much to everyone, we are all blessed, no question

In the end the birthday gift for us was not what we might say

It seems the gift came to us, the gift was her birthday.

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