When Life is Fun

About the Applesauce

About the Applesauce

Why do I have so much applesauce?
Jars of it on the shelf
It must have been created
By a secret little elf

So, I use it in the pancakes
I use it in the bread
I use it in spaghetti
And, maybe on my head

The smell of an apple picked from a tree
Your senses will activate
But, it is no match for my applesauce
Believe me, it is just great!

When the apple trees are ready to pick
And, the little elf begins
I think there is another elf
Oh, are they really just twins?

The one will pick, the other will make
The applesauce in jars
I watch and soon do see
The little elves as stars

But, once again, it becomes quite clear
As I look and am at a loss
For now I have twice as much
Of that darned applesauce!!

Easter Fun

Easter Fun

Stop, wait and think
It will be gone in a blink
Don’t put it in the sink
It will probably stink

It’s not that I care
It could be anywhere
I saw it on a chair
And, once in a person’s hair

Some may feel delight
To have it within sight
As it sits just right
Not too heavy or light

A guess you can make
While sitting by the lake
Of what it would take
To discover if it’s fake

It’s not fake you say
A hen will not delay
For it’s an egg to lay
For the Easter holiday

The Interview

The Interview

I was walking around with nothing to do when my phone rang. It was a surprise to hear the voice on the other end.

“Hi. What are you doing?”

“Nothing really. What about you?”

“I just had a job interview and I’m waiting for the next round.”

“You mean like boxing?”

“Well, no, not really. It is when they do a second interview.”

“What? A second interview. You mean they didn’t hear the first one?”

“Ah, no. It is an interview so they can get to know the candidate better.”

“Oh. Hm. Why don’t they take you out for dinner instead and have a few drinks? Wouldn’t that be better? Relaxed atmosphere, casual conversation.”

“Well, that’s not really how it is done. Not a bad idea, though.”

“I just don’t think I understand the process. I think boxing might work better. They go ten rounds, I think. That would really help to see if the candidate is up to the task.”

“Maybe. I think sometimes a candidate might feel beat up after an interview so maybe they have some similarities.”

“I’m not going to interview anymore. I had interviews but never had a second round. They decided after the first punch. Or, I mean interview. Maybe you should take gloves with you next time. That way, when they say it is time for the second interview, you will be ready with your gloves.”

“I think you are a little confused. They usually just talk during an interview. They don’t use boxing gloves.”

“All I know is sometimes I would rather punch someone than to answer their stupid questions. They could just take me out to dinner and have a few drinks.”

“Yes, you said that.”

“I’ll send you some boxing gloves.”

Airport Angel

Airport Angel

Once, when traveling on an airplane flight
I sat next to a young girl who was so polite

She seemed distressed as our flight was delayed
Her connection would be tight, not well played

She didn’t know the airport or location of the gate
I said I would help her so she wouldn’t be late

My decision to help her get to her plane
Yes, at times, I do things that are not quite sane

I ran up behind her and said with glee
“To get to your gate on time, just follow me!”

So, off we rushed through the terminal so fast
I said, “Use the ramp, we will move on past.”

“On the left!” I shouted and it was really loud
I wanted to move through the very slow crowd

“Keep going, keep going!” to her I said
“Your gate is at the end,” on the display I just read

“I think you will make it. It is right over there!”
“Good luck to you, safe travels, and take care!”

She turned to me and waved as she said goodbye
“You are my airport angel. You helped me to fly.”

It is a fun memory, and it felt really good
Helping a stranger is something well understood

W-A-L-K-ing the Dogs

W-A-L-K-ing the Dogs

They are sitting, waiting for me
Their looks could probably pierce
I’m not quite ready to go
I check their looks, now they’re fierce

I have to spell the word out
W – A – L – K
For they understand too well
All the words that I seem to say

How can they be so sweet
These little pets of mine
And, yet, they pester both of us
Everyday, and most of our time

We wouldn’t be without them
They are certainly a gift
When we feel down in the dumps
They give us a huge uplift

We cannot think about losing them
It is even too hard to say
For they are the lights of our lives
These dogs, our pets, our play

The next time you come to visit
You will hear W – A – L – K
Plan on taking a hike with me
And, three furry friends, okay?

We have each other’s back
For the things that we lack
We keep it as part of our space
We continue on
Knowing we belong
To each other in our perfect place

The Aspens

The Aspens

I’m just not sure when I look at you
What is peeking back at me
For most of what I seem to see
Is the vivid lime green tree

You are part of a forest so large
Some say it’s a little grove
But, I think you are separate
Part of a special trove

The trees they add such beauty
To the view of the land and earth
It makes me want to go hiking
So, I can feel value and worth

I’m going to put my walking shoes on
And, march right out the door
I really want to take this hike
With my dog, who’s asleep on the floor

When I return, my soul refreshed
I will just sit and stare
At aspen trees set on canvas
That the artist likes to share

As the Sun Sets

As the Sun Sets

I’m sitting in the airport, waiting to depart
As I look out the window, it gives me a little start
I see the sun is setting, leaving the sky above
The colors are tremendous, a view of which to love

A person walks on by me, pulling a luggage cart
The person is very attractive, and looks rather smart
But, I’m looking at the sunset, colors of yellow, orange and red
The person begins to speak, so I try not to hear what’s said

It makes no difference to me, the noise it carries on
I only see a sunset, filling my heart with song
I take one last little peek, as they announce my flight
At a beautiful Montana sunset, before it slips out of sight

The Diet View of Self

The Diet View of Self

All my life I thought that skinny
Was what I wanted to be
So, I started working on diets
Oh, which would work for me?

I tried the egg and grapefruit
It was easy and worked pretty well
I lost the weight I wanted
I thought, “Wow! I look swell!”

I got sick of eating those two foods
Morning, noon and night
Soon my weight began to creep back
It wouldn’t stay out of sight

This was routine for many a year
Twiggy was to blame!
Of course, she really wasn’t
As that would be a shame

I never really realized
That weight is only a view
Of how you interpret your world
I just didn’t have a clue

When I began to see me
In the mirror when I would look
I saw a different person
Like looking at a page in a book

The book needed content
Not just a cover, indeed
That is when I learned
To look deep within my seed

To grow into my being
I built a strong foundation
A foundation I could plant upon
Things of my own creation

My creation has filled my soul
With a view that is not from mirrors
It has a deeper meaning
And, won’t be finished, hopefully, for years

The 280Z

The 280Z

My first car was gorgeous, a silver 280Z

I couldn’t believe my father had picked it for me

Of course, I had to pay the price of the magnificent car

It would carry me away to my first job afar

It earned the name “Silver Streak” because it was fast

Thinking as a race car driver, I would zoom on past

It was a kick to see my mother drive it one day

She put the pedal to the metal, zipping away

It was a great car, I’m so glad that I survived

My driving was good, always thankful I arrived

My students one day as students sometimes do

Wanted to see how many would fit in this car made for two

So, eight of the students, they all piled in

It wouldn’t hold anymore, not even a pin

They squeezed and laughed and fit themselves tight

They could hardly breath, try as they might

I laugh at this memory of my students and my car

The “Silver Streak” for me was simply a motorized super star