The Stare

You keep staring at me

I can’t figure out what you see

I work on my computer or read my email

And, I feel it

You are staring!

So, how does your mind work?

Every so often, I see a glimpse of the how

When you run into the room, you want attention

You get in my face

You push, you move, you keep getting in my face

I know you are smarter than most

In fact, I know you are a fast learner

Very, very sharp

How did I get so lucky as to find you?

Hm. I think you found me.

Ok. You found us.

Stay for a very long time and continue to be my companion

Take me for walks, stare at me with those big amazing eyes

I guess I don’t care that you stare

Because I like the attention

I feel it.

I feel your devoted attention

Stay for as long as you can

And, keep me company

Take me for walks

And, let me throw the rope

Bound into my bedroom in the morning

Begging to play

You are a special dog

A special dog who I wholeheartedly love

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