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And, When I’m thinking

I haven’t written in a while, I think it’s rather terse

To think as often as I do, maybe it’s a curse

The beauty of the thought is not for when it stops

It is only when the thought prevails the meaning really drops

I don’t believe we were meant to be, sad or somewhat trivial

But, sometimes people make comments, comments rather vitriol

As I move along, I know that times will change

It’s not always when we want, sometimes it’s just exchange

I’m looking for the open view, a new and clear perspective

It won’t appear unless I see, the horizon as a detective

For as we look we want to see the gift of sight itself

But sight is only worth the thought which sits upon the shelf

Don’t hesitate or stop your thought for time is running out

To think what is important, is important without a doubt

When You HAVE to Golf During a Storm

I decided to play today anyway. I’m sorta like the mail person – you know, through wind and rain or sleet or hail (or however that goes)
I put an anchor around my neck so I wouldn’t blow away.
I have my boots on.
I hit my drive on #1 and it went over the green.
I guess the wind IS pretty strong.
After driving to the #2 tee, I stepped out to tee off.
A gust of wind blew me into the pond.
So, I decided enough is enough. After all, I’m pretty determined.
Luckily, I had a snorkel next to my anchor.
I was able to find new golf balls to give to Beth, especially since they were hers.
I decided to tee off on #2 and give it a whirl.
Yes, I was slightly soaking wet but, after all, it IS worth it for golf.
So, I hit a beautiful high drive and, oops, that was a mistake.
The wind caught the ball and it landed on the #7 green.
Next, I thought, aw, heck. Might as well continue and go finish the shot on #7.
My ball had landed a foot from the pin!
I putted from one foot. The ball blew backwards, over the green, over the grass and into the sand trap. Rats.
I hit out of the sand trap, got the ball up in the air, and low and behold…
It flew over my head and into the pond behind me. That pond is a little distance from the green.
Hm. Done with that hole.
I decided I should go to #10 to tee off since it would probably land on #18 fairway. That way I would be close to home.
I made it to #10 and teed off. It looked like my plan would work until I heard the splash.
The pond on #18…Rats.
By that time, my cart light started to blink so I decided it was time to go home.
Besides, I hate to play in cold, rainy weather.

As We Evolve

Relaxing by playing a word game, knowing the mess we are in

It is hard to know what to believe, as you watch the lies coming in

One side has made a decision, that the other side is untrue

The other side believes the same, this isn’t anything new

A large group in the middle, they only want what is best

They see lies from the deceitful, deceivers on an evil quest

We all really want freedom, and now they’ve taken this word

They who think they have power, they who are truly absurd

When taught to love thy neighbor, it is now taught as hate

The propaganda fed to them, makes this an easy slate

Logic has gone out the window, it seems no one checks the facts

What is happening in other countries, this country media lacks

For me I can only uncover, the love I have in my heart

For those who have been deceived, the truth just not in their cart

As the world endures major change, it is so obvious to me

We, the people, forever changed, that is our destiny

Surviving through the conflict, the world will then be at peace

Love thy neighbor the mantra, so chaos will simply cease

When Love is a Kiss

Sometimes I don’t exist, I feel it in the air
It doesn’t really matter, for ghosting is a snare
It pulls you in so tightly, you begin to lose your breath
I don’t need any of that, I’ll just skip the death

I love to hear the birds sing, their song a pure delight
As I walk along the path, they keep out of my sight
I know the birds are there, their sensual songs abound
The walk becomes a treasure trove, as I listen to the sound

Beyond my mere existence, the beauty of the earth
The earth, which is a mother, gave to us from birth
Again, I see the beauty, it exists in all of us
Just don’t go ghosting me, that pushes me to cuss

All I want is presence, as a loving sort you know
Writing stories as poetry, each day a blessing just so
Share the love with all my friends, is only doing right
They will see me wholly, they keep me in their sight

Love is greater than all things, the things we see each day
Things are only possessions, possessions on which we prey
When we love, it opens the heart, to a wonderful feeling of bliss
Feel your love, open your heart, may love be your permanent kiss

Wonder in My Heart

I think about you every day, wondering what is next
It seems your life is out of balance, jumbled in context

I wonder, I wish, the clock could move back, to a time long ago
When you were healthy and full of life, so this is what I know

I remember when I helped you, we created an excel chart
You needed the page for your thesis, your educational work of art

Back and forth through email, until it was perfectly done
That, dear sister, was total success, for me, it was such fun

I wanted to help you in so many ways, so gave you my old iPhone
Your phone had stopped working, you needed to be in the zone

When it was time for you to move, we drove a little each day
We traveled across many a mile, visiting family along the way

What I remember most of all, when I was a little girl
I seemed to struggle with all of life, and you became the pearl

The pearl to which I refer, was simply because of an action
My day for me hadn’t worked out, my feelings quite the reaction

You had just returned from college, bringing a special gift
It was a cute red nightshirt, my spirit it would uplift

As insignificant as I felt, the gift was huge for me
For once I felt really special, my heart had changed to glee

And now if I only could, the favor I would exchange
For my dear sister to be healed, I wish I could arrange

Life can be what we want, sometimes it’s not our choice
The only thing we can do is use the heart as voice

I love my sister, this is hard for me, I want her healed soon
It won’t necessarily be what I want, for life plays a unique tune

The saving grace is all that I have, to remember what good has passed
My heart will hold all of this, memories to recall when asked