As We Evolve

Relaxing by playing a word game, knowing the mess we are in

It is hard to know what to believe, as you watch the lies coming in

One side has made a decision, that the other side is untrue

The other side believes the same, this isn’t anything new

A large group in the middle, they only want what is best

They see lies from the deceitful, deceivers on an evil quest

We all really want freedom, and now they’ve taken this word

They who think they have power, they who are truly absurd

When taught to love thy neighbor, it is now taught as hate

The propaganda fed to them, makes this an easy slate

Logic has gone out the window, it seems no one checks the facts

What is happening in other countries, this country media lacks

For me I can only uncover, the love I have in my heart

For those who have been deceived, the truth just not in their cart

As the world endures major change, it is so obvious to me

We, the people, forever changed, that is our destiny

Surviving through the conflict, the world will then be at peace

Love thy neighbor the mantra, so chaos will simply cease

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