When Love is a Kiss

Sometimes I don’t exist, I feel it in the air
It doesn’t really matter, for ghosting is a snare
It pulls you in so tightly, you begin to lose your breath
I don’t need any of that, I’ll just skip the death

I love to hear the birds sing, their song a pure delight
As I walk along the path, they keep out of my sight
I know the birds are there, their sensual songs abound
The walk becomes a treasure trove, as I listen to the sound

Beyond my mere existence, the beauty of the earth
The earth, which is a mother, gave to us from birth
Again, I see the beauty, it exists in all of us
Just don’t go ghosting me, that pushes me to cuss

All I want is presence, as a loving sort you know
Writing stories as poetry, each day a blessing just so
Share the love with all my friends, is only doing right
They will see me wholly, they keep me in their sight

Love is greater than all things, the things we see each day
Things are only possessions, possessions on which we prey
When we love, it opens the heart, to a wonderful feeling of bliss
Feel your love, open your heart, may love be your permanent kiss

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