She is the Sleuth

I feel the fire moving, it moves within my heart
The fire has such character, it moves to every part
Do not listen to what they say, it may not be the truth
Did they listen when she spoke, the words a blasting sleuth

This sleuth is here, she moves about, she looks for every sign
She reads, she studies, she works it in, it is all by design
Her program works, it always has, she follows all the clues
Her investigation, a thorough job, she really pays her dues

Investigation is never near, it comes without a veil
The research is severely slow, I think as if a snail
And, when she speaks, her words are true, this cannot be denied
If you can’t hear, your ears are closed, you haven’t really tried

I know the truth, I speak of it, I’ve written all details
So you can listen or read yourself, I’ll create it in the tales
There’s a missing part you must decipher, the meaning as it shines
For in this case, to be discovered, you must read between the lines

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