When We Feel Life

The Taste of Wine

I went to the winery today. Tasting wine is an enjoyable experience, especially if the winemaker is really good at the trade. I think, although I’m not sure, that the process of tasting wine for me is probably different than for other people. First, I like to smell the wine in the glass, more than once. I swish the wine around in the glass and smell. Then, I do it again. The aroma fills my nostrils and I begin to anticipate how that wine might taste.

Next, I take a sip and hold it in my mouth letting the flavor of the wine sit there until I know that my taste buds are diluted. That’s when I know that it is time to swallow. So, I swallow to see what it really tastes like. The flavor of a really good wine will stay on your tongue and warm your palate with taste. Not sure that’s how it’s done, but it works for me.

Sometimes I think a person can be like wine or a person can even be like the bottle that holds the wine. Some bottles are shapely, and some are straight up and down. Some bottles have color and some are clear. Some have a screw cap and some have a cork. So many different bottles. Bottles do have similar characteristics, though. They keep the wine all together in one place so it can be poured. They protect the wine from the elements. Bottles have strength and yet, they can break. So many different bottles. So many different people. 

The flavor of the wine could be similar to a person’s personality. Some wines are so smooth that it feels like it slips down your throat barely recognizing the feeling. A person might be that smooth when they speak to you and suddenly you are agreeing with them when that is not what you believe. Some wines are so delightful that you want the flavor to last and last just as there are people that you want to stay in your life and never leave. And, then there is the wine that has turned to vinegar and, well, that speaks for itself. I guess you can use it for cooking.

My wine-tasting day was just a reminder to me that I will continue to experience great wines each time I go to a winery for a taste. I’m going to continue doing that. I’m going to keep tasting wine just as I taste life because my life experience is as unique as the flavor of wine.

I like the taste of wine
It’s created by design
The taste is incredibly divine
Adding color to cheeks that shine

If people really were like wine
They might be truly fine
They may even walk a line
And not always take the hardline

So, the next time you taste wine
Savor the taste sublime
It is like a glacier or shrine
That will weave with fun as your incline

The Teacher

I started teaching when I was quite young

It was never about teaching, it was mostly about fun

The students would come to my class to learn

It was soon apparent that I wasn’t too stern

I wanted to teach about the ways of life

How to handle yourself amidst crisis and strife

We seemed to talk a lot during our class

Not exactly what students needed for tests to pass

Some days students had more than their share

Of difficulties at home, sometimes from elsewhere

I would listen because they needed to talk

It was part of the job, I didn’t want them to walk

They needed help, and they sought it from me

So, I soon became like a listening tree

I was amazed at what students had to endure

My hope was that talking would help with a cure

Or, maybe just help to see the way ahead

To know life had more for them instead

Instead of the strife that was holding them back

They needed opportunity to start a new track

I have good memories from these many years

Now, thinking about teaching, it brings me to tears

I am thankful for the time I was able to teach

I only hope I gave a positive speech

It wasn’t always easy but I loved it so

Love implanted in my heart for the students I owe

The Tree of Love

The anniversary is a tricky event 
I think an invitation should be sent 
For one remembers and the other just went 
It might be a thought stuck in cement 

The years pass by and soon we see 
Branches of life in a giant tree 
The tree is life and gives a plea 
Stay, please, just stay with me 

There is no need to hear the thought
It isn’t anything nor part of a plot
Listen carefully, you will be taught
Your life, your love, we’re totally caught

We see the event as part of a ploy
We play and laugh, each as a toy
I look at him and he looks so coy
The game is so fun and totally joy

So, the anniversary can be spent
Remembering our blessed event
Or, it can be fun as it was meant
Full of love and joy, angelically sent

The Water Flows


Or, flow

I see the water with the snow


Or, divine

I feel inspiration shine


Or, sound

The feelings always astound


Or, love

The heart opens from above


Or, flow

Movement on the go


Or, divine

I take it as a sign


Or, sound

Sometimes both are profound


Or, love

Much like an spiritual dove