In Times of Trouble

It takes a little time, but it never gets old

Looking, I see the world as it starts to unfold

We don’t know the outcome, I’m not sure we dare

We get through the day, this is what we share

It is scary and not, I think with my heart

It seems we will welcome a new life and start

Life changes so quickly and we cannot flee

Adjusting our priorities, soon this you will see

I’m feeling the peace from a source of pure love

I believe it comes from the heavens above

It is not superficial, it depends on your thought

Be careful what you think as it can cause you to rot

Look at your neighbor, you spouse, your loved ones, your friend

See the good in them always, everyday without end

Trust that the source will bring forward good things

Things like summer, and flowers, and the bird that sings

I doubt we will know what has happened throughout

It is more than we bargained for, this is no doubt

I still believe that from this, good will come

Heavenly bodies surround us, protecting us as one

Some leave us here, for it is time that they go

But, believe that we remember what it takes to live so

Use your trust, your hope and your faith that is strong

For our collective heart to which we all belong

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