When It Involves Time

As Little Girls Grow

I could hear it expressly in her little voice so tight

“I can do it! I can do it!” as she tried with all her might

I did not know if she could, I really did not care

I only cared that she would try surpassing every snare

For her to have the courage to try, she would learn to lean on hope

Knowing this would be her crutch in learning how to cope

For each little baby step she took was huge along the way

It helped secure her footing that she would need each day

And, when she was successful, I saw her face light up

I knew that she would be okay, this child so like a pup

Just For Today

I’m trying to be more creative, which isn’t always so easy

When I think I’m moving along, and being really quite breezy

The earth comes to an immediate halt, the TV is blaring its noise

I cannot think my thoughts, thoughts turn away from my poise

I watch the traffic as it passes, the cars move by in a stream

Sometimes they move too quickly, I feel as if I could scream

But, then I see my puppies, wagging and looking so sweet

I know in a very short minute, the happiness with which they greet

For nothing is quite as rewarding, as a dog to follow you around

They are wonderful little creatures, sometimes making not a sound

And, as my life moves forward, I’m sure of how it will be

For nothing can remove my happiness, protected in my heart by me

Is there anything else in this world for us to really share?

A path created by love and happiness, the way is always to care

As Time Passes

Sitting here listening to songs of the old
The 60s Folk Radio is just solid gold
My brain churns with memory, the memory so fresh 
My heart soon joins the intertwined mesh

Funny the feelings I get from a song
The feelings are strong, I must sing along
Melancholy overcomes me as I think back in time
The things that have changed are not the sublime

Sublime is beauty and runs very deep
The things of this country, I want to keep
The pain of change can really be sad
Take time to remember, it may not be bad

When a rose is a bud, it looks stoic and small
The petals soon open, attractive and tall
The bud is a blossom, for the better I see
It would only be better as part of a tree

Remember the rose will rise again
The bush may be hidden inside of a glen
For when it does, the beauty so deep
The stunning vision will keep me from sleep

The Antelope watches from his perch on the plain
He has no limits as he roams his terrain
His freedom not calculated for he’s free to roam
After all and to all, this is his home

No one tells him what he should drink
How he should talk or what to think
He is free, as free as they come
For the rest of us, well, it is probably done

So, watch for the rose as it blooms for real
See the beauty of the rose with all its appeal
The sunrise approaches, I hope it is red
The sunset will happen, no matter what’s said

I think, yes, sometimes I do think 
Not about me, surprisingly 
I think about the things I see 
The things I hear, the things I feel 
It isn’t as if there is a shortage 
Of all these things 
Just close your eyes and listen 
You will hear and feel 
And, then you will see 
But not with your eyes 
You will see with your heart 
It is so simple if you just try 
So, close your eyes and breathe 
Breathe deeply into your soul 
Let it all happen as nature intends 

Hope is the Vision

The butterfly flitted as it went on past

Its intent to connect with the plant was cast

It didn’t seem to matter what I did to distract

The butterfly knew it would not react

Then, came the sparrow and it, too, went on

Listening I could hear the bird singing a song

The words were distinct but I could no longer hear

The bird had just drifted too far from my ear

The next thing arrived, it was a snake in the grass

It slithered along, its silence, the pass

The snake made a hiss as forward it went

It moved so slowly, with focused intent

All the creatures were reminders of times from the past

When life was a breeze without a gray cast

And, now, the great vision is too hard to see

What will happen today or what the future will be

What has happened in the now is hard to believe

The locking of time, what it feels like to grieve

We’re not always aware of what we have from a look

The limited view, the cover of a book

The contents of the book are discovered through reading

The author is asking us, sometimes a pleading

Read my story, please read it, from beginning to end

Let the story unfold so you can pretend

Pretend to know what the ending might be

The ending a wonder, what you cannot know or see

It might be a surprise that ends quite happy

It might be a sadness that ends a bit sappy

If written so we can reflect on our lives

The reflection will mirror, becoming archives

Moving through time, we learn to belong

We find salvation in a bird’s song

Do not lose hope, the bird did sing

Hope is the future and what it will bring