As Friends Do

You are my friend

To the bitter end

I knew what I said was true

Your heart filled with fun

Enjoying the sun

This certainly was the first clue

As life leads us down

A path with no crown

We think we know what to do

Other times we are lost

Sometimes it does cost

So, we look for a sky of blue

We hope and dream

That things will seem

To be just as before

We cannot predict

Or mark with a stick

As we know not what is in store

We spend time together

As birds of a feather

We continue to look for more

And then in the end

We can comprehend

That good will even the score

So keep your heart beating

The feeling often fleeting

Keep love the look on your face

The face will shine

And we will be fine

Knowing we’ve had a good race

We have each other’s back

For the things that we lack

We keep it as part of our space

We continue on

Knowing we belong

To each other in our perfect place

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