And When My Heart Breaks

I write because my heart does break
I write because I laugh
I write as rain begins to pour
But that is only half

So as I write I hear the voice
To me its sound so sweet
The voice I hear continues on
Celebrating as complete

For when you know it is not sure
You only say what is
For everything is incomplete
When it is not your biz

The thought that maybe you would hear
The sound disrupting song
The song is intertwined with life
Much like where you belong

As we move, our hearts do beat
It’s clear from what we hear
The song is pushing into us
What is or isn’t near

Once again we move ourselves
With this each passing day
We only know what we can know
And, then for us to say

I need a change, I want a new
As this life is not to be
You think you know what isn’t there
Did you stop to hear the tree?

Yes, a tree, the fool knows not
For life is all around
The music beats within the soul
The meaning becomes the sound

1 thought on “And When My Heart Breaks

  1. Michelle

    I loved being reminded to stop and hear a tree. It is so true. Nature speaks to us every day if we but listen. This poem is a favorite. It speaks of so many emotions! Thank you👏🏼🌼

    Liked by 1 person


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