The Sad of My Heart

It seems to me that I’m quite sad, it may not even show

I talk a lot to everyone, some people I hardly know

The void that comes with losing, a person or even a dog

The feeling can be excruciating, my view sees only a fog

For loving comes in many ways, a hug, a thought, a gift

To this I speak as if I know, maybe it will help uplift

The only part that satisfies, the absence in my heart

Are the memories that I take, from which I will not part

I see the face, I touch the skin, I know it will no longer be

For the very person, the one I love, has gone away from me

Her picture a clear reminder, of the love that people share

She knows that I will never stop, loving her with such care

The spot in my heart, will always remain, as time continues on

The spot she laid her anchor, a spot for one last song

“How Great Thou Art” I heard us sing, we stood right by her side

The beginning, the end, we knew it would come, we met it with great pride

The pride was for a life well lived, a life she truly had

The good far greater than my pain, for me, I’m no longer sad

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