When The Wind Blows

The Motion of Change

My world is changing 
Right before my eyes 
It is a movement of experience 
It includes some goodbyes 

My friends are in motion 
It is clear for me to see
So, I might need to move
As a proper response would be

When I think of moving
It terrifies my heart
Do this and that, then, this and that
I guess I just need to start

I leave behind some friends I made
And, some family members, too
It will be okay for me
Moving on to something new

When I arrive in a new town
New friends I will make
With some family close by
It will be a piece of cake

I cannot predict the future
I know all about my past
I only know that when I move
My life will be recast

The Songwriter, She Said

There once was a chance to write a song

It was an easy decision, it didn’t take long

She didn’t know how so she pretended to write

It was easy for her because she knew how to type

Away went her fingers as her brain worked hard

Thinking her song would belong on a star card

The song was written and promised to be good

So, she looked around to see where she stood

She started to ask people who might buy

Her precious song, she breathed with a sigh

Suddenly, she realized her song was wronged

It was a poem for which no melody belonged

In the end, she hunts for the person with a tune

To match the poem that someone would croon

Now she sits and chuckles as she types her words

Maybe songwriting is just for the birds!

The Poisoned Mind

I wander along the path as it never ends

I find that people do not want to make amends

They would rather be biting and hateful and such

It doesn’t really matter who they hurt so much

They tell lies and stories to meet their needs

Their stories loaded with ideas to create disease

As they poison the minds of those that are near

No one checks the story or they would find fear

That someone could manipulate and so easily sway

Not one person will stop it or stand in the way

So, I wander the path as it never ends

Knowing that I will find gracious peace with my friends

The Sound of Thinking

Sometimes when I ponder, my brain begins to wander

I just think about so many different things, 

I roll back the time, to when I was in my prime

I may have been enfolded in angel wings

I’m listening to the sound, the pond water is abound

It could be I’m near the mountain springs

But, I’m in my own yard and I’m trying really hard

To picture who and what this new day brings

It is simply relaxing, and not at all taxing

Opening my mouth, I’m amazed that my voice sings

As I sing quite loudly, my dogs watch me proudly

Until I suddenly stop, when the phone rings

The Secret Door

I wonder if, he’s looking down 
I wonder if he can see 
I just wonder if he is around 
Is he watching over me?

He left this place much too soon
He left and went away
He just left to a heavenly spot
Did he know he couldn’t stay?

When he was sick, I couldn’t help
I didn’t know what to do
I continued to work, I busied myself
A way to make it through

When I did come home, I tried to talk
He just never knew
He would sleep, and sometimes not
So, I decided to read to him, too

I read to him as he slept
I read to him during the day
I just read to him whenever I could
Did he hear what I had to say?

He passed from us while I was away
I couldn’t get there in time
The plane was canceled, I had to wait
Not the right paradigm 

So, now I wonder, as time passes by
Is he looking down?
Does he hear what I have to say?
Is his aura maybe around?

I feel content as I think all these thoughts
The thoughts are so revealing
My heart heals from the tragic loss
The loss of my dear human being

The Stranger

She sucks you in, like a vacuum 
You believe her, so like an idiot 
And, when you find the truth 
You run with the speed of a chariot

Her brain doesn’t work quite right
It is filled with hate and lies
And, when you find the truth
You feel like you’ve been despised

When you realize she’s broken
A victim of World War II
And, when you find the truth
You realize you are through

You cannot mend this broken
It occurred so long ago
And, when you find the truth
You cry from the pain of the foe

The sadness comes from a history
A history that is so hard to bear
And, when you find the truth
Your heart is broken with no room to spare

You can love her from a distance
It is the only logical way
And, when you find the truth
You are forced to stay away

The sadness is overwhelming
Your heart can hardly suppress
And, when you find the truth
It is time to end the stress