When It Began

Inspired by Art

Inspired by Art

When I saw it
I knew it had to be
A picture on my wall
For me to always see

The green-blue waters silent
The mountains rise up in back
The sky a hidden mystery
Gray-white clouds await attack

The unique scene moves my heart
As unique as Moraine can be
My eyes conveying song notes
To my heart as I sing with glee

I sing the beauty of nature
All captured in one great shot
The beauty of nature reflected
On my wall, the perfect spot

The Bull

The Bull

When you’re dancing in the meadow
And, a great big bull you see
Do not stop the dancing
Ask the bull to dance with me!

For if I am the dancer
So happy I will be
A meadow of sound is paradise
Twirling me ’round the tree.

The sky it is foreboding
To me, it matters not
For if the rain is coming
Splatter me! Do not stop.

When the rain hits the ground
Renewing the grass and the air
The bull will now saunter off
He has the time to spare

I will simply skip away
Smelling the air and the grass
It renews my mind and my heart
Making me a happy lass!

The Stare of the Grizzly

The Stare of the Grizzly

I see you there, you great big bear
Your eyes are so intense
Your size is large, much like a barge
You give meaning to immense

Your coat is copper, such as show stopper
I wonder if you planned it that way
As you start to move or maybe just groove
I think I can hear you say

“I’m a big thing, maybe a King
Can’t you see that I’m in control?
As I stand and stare, I will give you a scare
That reaches the depths of your soul.”

So stare, Mr. Bear, I do not care
For you are captured in this painting
And, once again, the fence to mend
Maybe you’re prime for sainting