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The Resort of Retort

As I write this, I notice that I’m feeling sad and excited at the same time. Is that even possible? I am sad for the things that I lost last year while I am excited for the beginnings that a new year will bring. Last year was tough, and I believe that the new year will bring us more challenges. Hopefully, it will help us to develop in ways that we didn’t know possible. With that said, I turn to my favorite pastime.

I write for fun but as I sit
It occurs to me, I’m drawn to wit

The pen is dull and cannot write
Worse is the brain so out of site

I hear it calling, golf has a sound
The club head clicking, the ball hits the ground

But, then comes the real spirit of sport
When a shot is missed, it’s the sound of retort

The words are gems, they come in all sizes
They really don’t help, especially with prizes

So we decided to keep a bag with money
From all the retorts that aren’t pure honey

We build the bag each week we play
It is easy to fill, the bag on display

It helps us to work through the game we love
A few words here and not from above

I prefer those retorts as they are seldom and few
Much better than throwing a club on cue

It is a good thing, this pot of bills
Helping build parties, defusing the wills

So I hit the tee shot, it bounced on the path
That darn ball it landed to create my wrath

It bounced and planted itself in the tree
I’m sure the ball was laughing at me

And, yes, I said it, my heart did instill
The words that you say when a shot is nil

So, here’s to the ladies who play the game
All of us contribute, one and the same