About The Applesauce

Why do I have so much applesauce?
Jars of it on the shelf
It must have been created
By a secret little elf

So, I use it in the pancakes
I use it in the bread
I use it in spaghetti
And, maybe on my head

The smell of an apple picked from a tree
Your senses will activate
But, it is no match for my applesauce
Believe me, it is just great!

When the apple trees are ready to pick
And, the little elf begins
I think there is another elf
Oh, are they really just twins?

The one will pick, the other will make
The applesauce in jars
I watch and soon do see
The little elves as stars

But, once again, it becomes quite clear
As I look and am at a loss
For now I have twice as much
Of that darned applesauce!!

Cascade Sunset

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