The Diet View of Self

All my life I thought that skinny
Was what I wanted to be
So, I started working on diets
Oh, which would work for me?

I tried the egg and grapefruit
It was easy and worked pretty well
I lost the weight I wanted
I thought, “Wow! I look swell!”

I got sick of eating those two foods
Morning, noon and night
Soon my weight began to creep back
It wouldn’t stay out of sight

This was routine for many a year
Twiggy was to blame!
Of course, she really wasn’t
As that would be a shame

I never really realized
That weight is only a view
Of how you interpret your world
I just didn’t have a clue

When I began to see me
In the mirror when I would look
I saw a different person
Like looking at a page in a book

The book needed content
Not just a cover, indeed
That is when I learned
To look deep within my seed

To grow into my being
I built a strong foundation
A foundation I could plant upon
Things of my own creation

My creation has filled my soul
With a view that is not from mirrors
It has a deeper meaning
And, won’t be finished, hopefully, for years


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