The Man in the Dream

Back when I was dating
I thought a connection might be
With my current companion
The bond between us was happy

During this brief courtship
I dreamed and thought it was him
I saw myself marrying a man
He was tall, handsome and trim

But, like so many relationships
We soon parted ways
The dream, it stayed in my head
I thought of it for days

Then, one day, my friend met a man
They played in a golf tournament
She couldn’t wait to tell me
“For you, he is heaven-sent.”

I was skeptical but I trusted my friend
We had been friends for a very long time
So, I answered his call to meet him
In the middle of the day, which was prime

I drove to the city, the designated spot
To meet this man of my friend
I parked my car to wait for this guy
Hoping it wouldn’t dead end

As he zipped in, my heart skipped a beat
So I sneaked a peak just to see him
Remembering my dream, I looked up to see
He was tall, handsome and trim


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