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The Sound Within

I just felt it
It moved through me
It changed the way I think
Then, It changed the way I listened

I hear you
I hear you clearly
What is hard to detect
Is that you don’t know what you are saying

It brings to mind
That we really need to feel
We need to feel from the heart
You know, heart energy…here I go again

The heart
Yes, the heart
The feel in your stomach is from the heart
Your heart is the answer so just listen

And, listen
Listen to your heart
Listen to your thoughts
Put it together into one and know

You will learn
You will learn from within
You think you know it all
But, you don’t, you only know if you listen

Listen to your heart…

A New In One

I knew the time had come for me, time to make a note

The events that were unfolding, were sugar for my coat

As we settled into our chairs, the talk was to discuss

The events of golf, play of the day, the events always the plus

Playing the front was a delight, a delight for me anyway

My score was holding even par, so the story does say

The first event was number three, a birdie came from the putt

But the next hole was the big one, the one that was so clear-cut

Lori and Deb W had hit their balls, and as they waited for me

I drove up and jumped from my cart, checking my clubs to see

To see which club I should use, hybrid six or seven, you see

The six I chose and it was right, leading to explosive glee

I went with six because of wind, then focused on my swing

The ball sailed off toward the green, the view it soon would bring

To my amazement and everyone else, the ball bounced onto the green

It slowly rolled toward the pin, but was too far to be seen

The mower guy was watching our shots, he watched and gave a cheer

The ball had rolled into the cup, from sight it did disappear

Then the sound came screeching out, a scream for all to hear

For me to signal Hole-in-One, my scream was truly sincere

Back in the clubhouse we gathered around, Wendy said a poem we need

It documents the events of that day, an eventful gift indeed

When the Gift is a Person

Gifts come to us in many ways, sometimes wrapped in little packages
Sometimes not wrapped at all
But, a gift is always special because it is given
Often, it requires thought or purpose
Sometimes a gift is simply how we see or who we see  
And, birthdays always remind us of the gift of someone’s life

We had a gift at golf yesterday, it was quite special indeed

The conversation included a player, one we shall call a star seed

She has wonderful characteristics, not just a few you see

We all appreciate her presence when watching her on the tee

Funny how we referred to her as we tried to play our game

For she was in a different group but part of ours, just the same

We used her play as reference, hoping to improve our own

Her play is a wonderful feature, like a movie and really well-known

She plays like a delicate creature, great strength when hitting the ball

It’s fun to watch her drive, as her drive is the longest of all

But it is not just on the course, that the lady makes an impression

She gives so much to everyone, we are all blessed, no question

In the end the birthday gift for us was not what we might say

It seems the gift came to us, the gift was her birthday.

The In One

Annette had just hit her ball, Caroline was next

We worked our way up number twelve, it follows in this text

We reached the top, we’re on the green, the green is quite the shelve

That’s when we heard the burst of sound, we, on top of twelve

The sound was coming to us, it came from thirteen green

The group that was ahead of us, was making a noise scene

We finished twelve and moved ahead, to thirteen a par three

What we observed on thirteen green, was what we like to see

Marlene had hit her five wood, the ball up in the air

It landed on the green rolling to the pin, I swear

Then Jackie, Deb and Wendy had given a great shout

They were simply cheering, for the shot that had rung out

For Marlene had hit the shot, the shot of great achieve

The shot she hit took the path into the cup, I believe

We saw Marlene walking toward the pin without her putter

She picked her ball up from the cup, not a word did she utter

And, suddenly, we heard the sound, the sound of joy we knew

Because it came so suddenly, we thought, “Can it be true?”

For when we first began to play, we all heard Lori say

“We haven’t had a hole in one, not for many a day.”

She is the Sleuth

I feel the fire moving, it moves within my heart
The fire has such character, it moves to every part
Do not listen to what they say, it may not be the truth
Did they listen when she spoke, the words a blasting sleuth

This sleuth is here, she moves about, she looks for every sign
She reads, she studies, she works it in, it is all by design
Her program works, it always has, she follows all the clues
Her investigation, a thorough job, she really pays her dues

Investigation is never near, it comes without a veil
The research is severely slow, I think as if a snail
And, when she speaks, her words are true, this cannot be denied
If you can’t hear, your ears are closed, you haven’t really tried

I know the truth, I speak of it, I’ve written all details
So you can listen or read yourself, I’ll create it in the tales
There’s a missing part you must decipher, the meaning as it shines
For in this case, to be discovered, you must read between the lines