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A Heartbeat for the Heart

“I’ve been reading the poems. And, realize that they are an invitation to become submersed in a purpose as part of a greater vision. Never ending with their own rhythms. So, the reading becomes more of a heartbeat for the heart?”

My vision for you is not what you see

The vision is clear but only to me

When I read what you wrote I feel content

That the time that I write was time well spent

For much of this writing, the brain to depart

Because the writing is really a heartbeat for the heart

Heart Energy

I am so fortunate. I had lunch today with a special friend. She is one of those people who has a twinkle in her eye. I think twinkles come from Heart Energy. You know, Heart Energy. The energy that is created when someone thinks from the heart. That energy goes right to the eye and twinkles. Next time you go somewhere, anywhere, look around for that person with the twinkle. That is Heart Energy at work.

I see that twinkle in your eye

Makes me wonder what you’re up to and why

I know it is for the good of us all

As your Heart Energy twinkles to make the call

You are one of those people with such a great smile

Your smile warms my heart, and then after awhile

I realize that I don’t want lunch to end

Because your eyes are twinkling, my dear friend