The Meaning of Slant

She said, “Your head is crooked.”

“Yes, I know. But, one eye is lower than the other.

Well, the Hutterite doctor took his thumb and pushed into my mouth to try to straighten my eyes.

It didn’t work…

So, now I’m 90, well, I will be next month.

I think my view is slanted.”

She said, “Do you really think your view is slanted? I think it is just that you have a great sense of humor.”

“Oh, no. I know my view is slanted. Take, for instance, the money I get. I’m pretty sure it is burning a hole in my pocket.

So, I need to spend it, I think.

And, I might go to college next semester.”

She said, “Really? What are you going to study?”

“I might study geology but I’m not sure. I’m a pretty good artist, too. Maybe I will take an art class.

Because my view is slanted, I could put a good slant on a picture.”

She said, “You have a unique view of life. I think you are right. Your point of view is a very good slant.”

“Well, I think I’m going to continue with my point of view. I’m going to continue to use my sense of humor to help people smile. I’m going to take a college class and learn something new. And, I’m going to continue to slant. You know, one eye is lower than the other. It gives me a unique look and a very unique look on life.”

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