Happy Birthday, Hubby

I wonder if you know who you really are

You are quite complex, you know

There is nothing simple about you

Not your walk or your talk or even your sense of humor

I’ve never met anyone quite like you

You portray the grizzly bear but underneath is the teddy bear

I never tire of listening to you when you are inflamed by a topic

It feeds your deep desire to know

So, you search and read and learn and continue to search

You are quite complex, you know

I will always be grateful that I met you

And, had this wonderful opportunity to share your life

We have done so many wonderful things together

Traveling here and there

We have experienced the good and the bad

We seem to survive with a better understanding of what is important

It can be quite complex, you know

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to be married to you

But, I don’t think marriage should be easy

It should be an intense learning experience, and it has been

I couldn’t have married anyone other than you, you and I both know that

You touched my inner soul

And, that is quite complex, you know

My love for you is so very deep and so

I hope this birthday is special, as special and complex as you are

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