For Sisters

One is artsy, One is analytical, One is academic
But, they all shine

One likes chai, One likes tomatoes, One likes desserts
And, they all like wine

One is an artist, One is an accountant, One was an administrator
They worked in schools to refine

So many talents, So much to share, So many feelings
Sometimes they do align

They are unique, they are the same, they are always thinking
Take it as a sign

I’m made up of all three

Yes, I’m fortunate, you see

Because I was last

Their aura was cast

For me, I was blessed

I really must confess

My love is devoted

It won’t be outvoted

I get uplifted

By all that was gifted

From the three before me

That helped me to be

A writer and a poet

Really, don’t you know it?

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