The Taste of Wine

I went to the winery today. Tasting wine is an enjoyable experience, especially if the winemaker is really good at the trade. I think, although I’m not sure, that the process of tasting wine for me is probably different than for other people. First, I like to smell the wine in the glass, more than once. I swish the wine around in the glass and smell. Then, I do it again. The aroma fills my nostrils and I begin to anticipate how that wine might taste.

Next, I take a sip and hold it in my mouth letting the flavor of the wine sit there until I know that my taste buds are diluted. That’s when I know that it is time to swallow. So, I swallow to see what it really tastes like. The flavor of a really good wine will stay on your tongue and warm your palate with taste. Not sure that’s how it’s done, but it works for me.

Sometimes I think a person can be like wine or a person can even be like the bottle that holds the wine. Some bottles are shapely, and some are straight up and down. Some bottles have color and some are clear. Some have a screw cap and some have a cork. So many different bottles. Bottles do have similar characteristics, though. They keep the wine all together in one place so it can be poured. They protect the wine from the elements. Bottles have strength and yet, they can break. So many different bottles. So many different people.

The flavor of the wine could be similar to a person’s personality. Some wines are so smooth that it feels like it slips down your throat barely recognizing the feeling. A person might be that smooth when they speak to you and suddenly you are agreeing with them when that is not what you believe. Some wines are so delightful that you want the flavor to last and last just as there are people that you want to stay in your life and never leave. And, then there is the wine that has turned to vinegar and, well, that speaks for itself. I guess you can use it for cooking.

My wine-tasting day was just a reminder to me that I will continue to experience great wines each time I go to a winery for a taste. I’m going to continue doing that. I’m going to keep tasting wine just as I taste life because my life experience is as unique as the flavor of wine.

I like the taste of wine
It’s created by design
The taste is incredibly divine
Adding color to cheeks that shine

If people really were like wine
They might be truly fine
They may even walk a line
And not always take the hardline

So, the next time you taste wine
Savor the taste sublime
It is like a glacier or shrine
That will weave with fun as your incline


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