Cheyenne of My Heart

If I could travel around the world
I know where I’d like to go
I’d go to a country in Africa
Where the elephants are free to grow

Their beauty is unmistakeable
They move with a grace unsaid
I can only imagine the sight
Right now, it is in my head

An elephant is a majestic
A unique mammal on earth
A blessing it would be to see them
Their look, size, and incredible worth

But, the value is not in money
It is a value that we can’t replace
To see an elephant in the wild
Is a dream I would like to chase

I hope as the time passes
If this dream isn’t meant for me
That my children or grandchildren
Will have that distinct opportunity

Photo taken by Patrick Freeman
“She’s a large adult female from the Native American family in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. Her name is Cheyenne, and she was truly a sight to behold.”

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