The Secret Door

I wonder if, he’s looking down
I wonder if he can see
I just wonder if he is around
Is he watching over me?

He left this place much too soon
He left and went away
He just left to a heavenly spot
Did he know he couldn’t stay?

When he was sick, I couldn’t help
I didn’t know what to do
I continued to work, I busied myself
A way to make it through

When I did come home, I tried to talk
He just never knew
He would sleep, and sometimes not
So, I decided to read to him, too

I read to him as he slept
I read to him during the day
I just read to him whenever I could
Did he hear what I had to say?

He passed from us while I was away
I couldn’t get there in time
The plane was canceled, I had to wait
Not the right paradigm

So, now I wonder, as time passes by
Is he looking down?
Does he hear what I have to say?
Is his aura maybe around?

I feel content as I think all these thoughts
The thoughts are so revealing
My heart heals from the tragic loss
The loss of my dear human being

Canyon Gateway

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