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The Gardener

It peeks out of the ground, slowly raising its head, looking for the sun

The slim body is not strong, but it moves up anyway

The warmth of the sun feeds it, helping it to grow

It is amazing to see the change from day to day

It is much like a new-born calf, who, when born, seeks the mother

Or, a baby chick, who knows to start pecking for food on the ground

But, it’s a plant and it has a different need for its life

It needs a gardener to tend to it and keep it sound

The gardener who waters it, gives it food, makes sure it grows

The gardener, carefully watching over the plant like a nurturing parent

The gardener, who shares the garden with whoever walks by

The gardener who grows anything, with knowledge inherent

What is best about the garden and the gardener

It’s the fresh produce available every day all year around

The plants vary from season to season so there is always choice

The choice to walk through the garden, and create a feeling profound

The writer grows words and the gardener grows plant life

There is mutual respect for the pen and the green thumb

Both the gardener and the writer share with others

Sharing an insight into that from which they come