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The 280Z

My first car was gorgeous, a silver 280Z

I couldn’t believe my father had picked it for me

Of course, I had to pay the price of the magnificent car

It would carry me away to my first job afar

It earned the name “Silver Streak” because it was fast

Thinking as a race car driver, I would zoom on past

It was a kick to see my mother drive it one day

She put the pedal to the metal, zipping away

It was a great car, I’m so glad that I survived

My driving was good, always thankful I arrived

My students one day as students sometimes do

Wanted to see how many would fit in this car made for two

So, eight of the students, they all piled in

It wouldn’t hold anymore, not even a pin

They squeezed and laughed and fit themselves tight

They could hardly breath, try as they might

I laugh at this memory of my students and my car

The “Silver Streak” for me was simply a motorized super star