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Community Neighbor

If I could choose a happiness, I know what it would be

It would be for my neighbors, to try and be kind to me

As silly as this sounds, it is not a desperate plea

It is only meant to open eyes, for some just cannot see

The beauty of a neighbor exists in someone’s heart

Treating people kindly is what it takes to start

A community of neighbors when placed in just one cart

They soon become united, a family tree on a chart

I’ve lived in this community for many, many years

I have a lot of friends, some make the best of peers

This has been a safe haven, I’ve not had any fears

Living here has been such fun, sometimes I just do cheers

We came here to golf, and found so much more

It felt like a paradise, I think we really made a score

Hopefully for you, my friend, this story’s not a bore

To this end, I will stop, creating my folklore