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Airport Angel

Once, when traveling on an airplane flight

I sat next to a young girl who was so polite

She seemed distressed as our flight was delayed

Her connection would be tight, not well played

She didn’t know the airport or location of the gate

I said I would help her so she wouldn’t be late

My decision to help her get to her plane

Yes, at times, I do things that are not quite sane

I ran up behind her and said with glee

“To get to your gate on time, just follow me!”

So, off we rushed through the terminal so fast

I said, “Use the ramp, we will move on past.”

“On the left!” I shouted and it was really loud

I wanted to move through the very slow crowd

“Keep going, keep going!” to her I said

“Your gate is at the end,” on the display I just read

“I think you will make it. It is right over there!”

“Good luck to you, safe travels, and take care!”

She turned to me and waved as she said goodbye

“You are my airport angel. You helped me to fly.”

It is a fun memory, and it felt really good

Helping a stranger is something well understood