Just For Today

I’m trying to be more creative, which isn’t always so easy

When I think I’m moving along, and being really quite breezy

The earth comes to an immediate halt, the TV is blaring its noise

I cannot think my thoughts, thoughts turn away from my poise

I watch the traffic as it passes, the cars move by in a stream

Sometimes they move too quickly, I feel as if I could scream

But, then I see my puppies, wagging and looking so sweet

I know in a very short minute, the happiness with which they greet

For nothing is quite as rewarding, as a dog to follow you around

They are wonderful little creatures, sometimes making not a sound

And, as my life moves forward, I’m sure of how it will be

For nothing can remove my happiness, protected in my heart by me

Is there anything else in this world for us to really share?

A path created by love and happiness, the way is always to care

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